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  •  If you ask me a question I can answer from the heart and from my studies, without fear of conflicting with strict party policy. ·

  • I can oppose the sale of our land, farms, water, minerals and infrastructure into foreign ownership, the 2 parties both back the sale of the country. ·

  • I can and do back up our Farmers and producers to ensure their survival, neither Labor nor Liberal adequately back up our primary industries. ·

  • All my support comes from the people, so I owe no favours to anyone but my electorate; I have no self interest other that of our Nations future. ·

  • I can continue to fight for our rights and liberties, for a bill of rights for our children, the major parties continue to undermine and water down those rights and our constitution, the very values our forefathers fought so hard to provide. ·

  • I can continue to demand open and honest public debate on all topics of community interest with our fear of breaching party policy or offending my party’s donors. ·

  • I am self funded; the major parties accept huge donations from multinational companies and big business interests think about it! ·

  • I have fought for years for our right to a free and informed vote; the major parties write legislation and use dodgy practices to empower their position, with no respect to the democratic rights of the people. ·

  • I can lead by example, set up markets, hold rallies, attend speeches, expose corruption and question all legislation, from who ever presents it. ·

  • I can question the power of Duopoly’s and any dominance in the nation’s food chain. · I do not fear ideals that take longer then election cycles. ·  

Not only do I research and write my own articles, I can remain flexible to new ideas.

If you like the direction of our nation, continue to vote as you always have, if you want to see change, you must vote differently, in any case you should always use your vote to reward the right actions and oppose lies and deceit, remembering it is about your local candidate not the leader their party chooses or deposes.

PS; a vote for an independent is not a wasted vote, win or lose it sends a message, I wonder whom spread that silly notion? Mark Aldridge Independent for Wakefield.

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