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Senate submissions “Multiculturalism”

The attached document is based on an article I released and that has been well published, for which I will include with my submission due the lack of time, to research a complete new document.

I have spoken with many Australians on the subject of Multiculturalism both in person and on line as the result of being both a Federal and State Independent Candidate, and nearly all cases; “they are all very scared for our future and that of their children.”

The introduction of Multiculturalism had merit and substance until it became more about the rights and feelings of the immigrant rather than the host nation, resulting in the demise of any National Identity. 

When ever any citizens stands and voices their concerns about this important matter, they are in most cases shot down as racists, an issue that does nothing more than continue to empower those immigrants that do not understand or wish to embrace our democratic processes, further impeding any chance of social integration.

It is past time we looked at our national Identity with as much strength and integrity as that of the Identity of those wishing to share in all we have to offer, social inclusion and acceptance is a two way street, and with the huge problems being now seen in Europe and England, change can easily been seen as necessary.

Shared values need not condemn culture, in the same way the promotion of a strong National Identity should never be seen as racism or divisional, but rather the glue that binds all the fine races that now call themselves Australians. 

After much study and debate on this issue it would appear the problems raising its head in most western democracy’s is not one relating to cultural differences but rather religious intolerance, due in the main to the strong ideologies found with in the Muslim faith. 

What any person holds in their hearts as their personal beliefs until now has never caused an issue, where the Muslim faith changes that, is indeed the fact their religious books are about a total way of life, beyond faith based beliefs lies; food slaughter and production, law, equality or lack of and even democracy or again dislike of.

The existing protections in our constitution relating to religious issues are covered in section 116; The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Why is it so that our laws for slaughter are overridden, or that most of our produce and food is now Halal compliant, yet not labelled as such, which could be considered the imposition of religious observance, here in lays part of the problem, it is not cultural divide, but religious, something not distinguished when looking at Multiculturalism.

The government and its many agencies have made matters worse, by expecting we as the host nation, to belittle our hard fought values in a vain attempt to preserve the identity of new arrivals, with out any regard to the rights of its existing citizens, which in itself creates less than favourable division in the community.

Perfect examples would be “Holiday Tree” rather than Xmas Tree, the introduction of religious teaching in our schools, Halal for all, rather than by way of free and educated choice of consumers, and the regular media coverage of Muslim spiritual leaders making clear their distaste for Australian Values, equalities and Democracy.

If we cast our eyes over the many other democratic western nations facing similar issues of community division, it again becomes more about religious ideologies rather than cultural divisions, proving the current system of multiculturalism is failing in its ability create social inclusion and integration.

Australia currently has around 1.7% of its population that declare them selves to be of the Muslim faith, England are starting to see an increase of issues with over 100 Shiria law courts at 2.7%, France has now over 750 no go zones with 6% and Germany is at 4%, I mention these countries as an over view to the fact that their political leaders are now voicing the same concerns the Australian citizens are in relation to immigrants of the Muslim faith. In England, Germany and France the rise in the support of right wing political groups with out doubt confirms the strong feelings their citizens have towards the issue I am raising in my submission.

It would be reckless for me to in any way suggest basing immigration quotas solely on religious beliefs, or to even bring up the ideal that lower quotas would benefit Australia solely based on available infrastructure and essential services, because I am aware such ideals will not be on the agenda.

The cause of the problems from my point of view is more so based on the governments decision to pander to such minority’s, rather than make it loud and clear what we expect of any person wishing to share in all we have to offer.

National pride is part of the answer, but ensuring that future immigrants be made aware that equality, democracy and our system of justice are not negotiable would be a very good start, and those who stand against such issues should understand that such ideals are not tolerated in our society.

Trial periods to access social inclusion would have merit, as would denial of social services past those awarded to citizens, and for a limited period of time based on citizenships qualifications.

Ownership of land and business holdings should also be considered the sole domain of Australian citizens, unless the country of origin has reciprocal fairness. But I am not the expert, you guys are paid to come up with the answers, I can tell you this with some experience, the current system is failing us, and will further divide our community, to the detriment of our long term future, and the people know it, so change is necessary.

I have a copy of my original article below, should it assist the committee, in a democracy the people retain power, please consider this fact when making your decisions and recommendations, rather than base them on non elected supposed experts and well funded lobby groups.

Yours Faithfully Mark M Aldridge P O Box 1073 Virginia South Australia 5120 08 82847482 / 0403379500

The Demise of Multiculturalism (media article)

The Ideal of modern multiculturalism is quickly becoming accepted as a policy gone wrong. All over Europe and Australia, not just the people, but also the leaders, are beginning to see what failed experiment multiculturalism has become.

Many leaders speaking primarily of the refusal of many Muslim immigrants to assimilate and integrate, leader after leader, are now saying the whole issue needs to go back to the drawing board. The arguments may well be long overdue – that those immigrating to host nations need to accept the values and practices of their chosen destination, not resist them and seek to impose their own.

No nation can survive if it is ripped apart by fundamentally opposing ideologies, values and/or belief systems, says Mark Aldridge. Foreign groups unable or seemingly unwilling to embrace the beliefs and values of their host nations are now causing all sorts of difficulties, and creating separatism, says Mark, (over 750 no go zones in France confirming the fact)

The rights of groups should never over ride the rights of the individuals, especially those who have put in the hard yards building a fine country like ours. Many well-versed political figures have voiced their concern over the years, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard warned about these dangers some years ago and late last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out about the fragmentation and destabilization, and many more have since voiced their concerns.

More recently the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria warned about the growing dangers of immigrants refusing to integrate into the rest of society, and just recently French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated that multiculturalism had failed.

In a you-tube clip I recently viewed, he stated, “We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him.” The least expected criticism came just recently from the new British conservative leader David Cameron. He made it clear that in Britain multiculturalism has been a colossal failure, and it needs to be quickly and decisively remedied.

Research of polls around Europe showed some 37% of those of the Muslim faith would support the introduction of Shiria law, and we have heard on numerous occasions the same sentiments from Muslim leaders here in Australia. Says Mark, in direct conflict with our democratic society.

Can we here in Australia afford to wait until the problem escalates before we open the floor to fair and open debate, asks Mark?

The issue here is not just about, extremists or jihadists that we need to have concern, there are also many Muslims who may reject violence, but who accept various parts of the extremist world-view including real hostility towards western democracy and liberal values, with many Australians asking “why move to a democracy if one is offended by it?”

Democracy in Australia from my point of view is “Not Negotiable” says Mark, neither is equality of the sexes, equity of law, and our system of Justice. Australia is built upon very distinct and hard fought values, and for any person who wishes to enjoy all that we have become through the sacrifices and hard work of our forefathers, must also embrace these values, says Mark 

The result of the demise of Multiculturalism is more than apparent, with the rise of right wing groups around the world, the huge rise of support for aspiring political leaders like Marine Le Pen of France, Dutch politician Geert Wilders and German politicians Thilo Sarrazin’s book about these same issues selling nearly 2 million copies.

In Australia many different cultures have united over time, some easier than others, but in every case it was all about culture, with Islam, we are dealing with religion, rather than culture, says Mark, it is no longer about the difference in looks, diets, language or culture, but about a religion that dictates not only a way of life but also value of life, politics and law, making Muslim integration so much harder in democratic western societies.

The issue confronting Australia is very much mimicked in the many other countries blaming multiculturalism for such failings, it is easier to label the host countries populace as racists rather than confront the fact that Muslims themselves need to put in some of the hard yards and consider their role in the integration needed to live in harmony.

In the absence of a strong national identity to claim their allegiance, we find widespread throughout Europe and Australia today, but rare in the past, that the children of Muslim immigrants are more hostile to the host society than their parents were, they feel themselves more alien to its values, in contrast to the many other cultures that have succeeded in the past. “Without shared values, a sense of collective identity and genuine patriotism with in the host country, separatism has run rife, with it destroying any chance of a untied future, something that must be addressed earlier rather than later, Mark said. “Our governments’ most fundamental duty is not to keep our community divided with tribalism, but to defend the shared values and national identity which makes Australia the “Lucky Country”, no more labeling of Australians who stand up in defense of their way of life, but by sharing the burden of assimilation with those that wish to share all that we have to offer.

The Western world as a whole, not just the masses but the leadership as well, are beginning to realize that multiculturalism, even though it began with sincere and honest intentions, is failing, whether as the result of religion or a lack of a strong National Identity, It has resulted in more division, more tensions and more hatred and distrust, so it is time to rethink and remodel, not a time to stick our heads in the sand. 

The word Racist offends me and many Australians, when all we are asking is that those who wish to share in all we have to offer, also share in our national identity, pride and the patriotism that comes with it, the truth is Democracy, equity and natural justice are not negotiable in Australia, and those who can not live with that fact, best not.

 Mark M Aldridge Independent 08 82847482 / 0403379500  

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