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How Labor won in Ramsay

Firstly they relied on media control of information, as all would know; there was no media coverage of Ramsay, even on most day time talk back shows and in the Advertiser, messenger press and TV, coverage did not exist or showed clear Labor bias.

The few articles covered only the Labor candidate and had the usual spin on them and in every case online comment were disabled. Emails, letters to the editor, on line comment, press releases and calls to talk back by dozens of supporters on a daily basis resulted in total silence.

Then they had to keep their candidate out of the spot light, while keeping the others busy, in the most I had to replace my corflute posters that were being stolen every second night, having to have 3 extra batches made up.

The Dodgy how to vote cards of the LDP, highlighting the word LIBERAL were designed to grab a few liberal supporters votes in the absence of a true Liberal candidate, even though the LDP did not compete further than their name on the ballot paper and the dodgy how to vote card in the polling booth cubicles.

The LDP preferences went to Labor over the Independent. In the mean time they flooded the electorate with letterbox flyers, personally addressed mail, phone calls, dodgy notes saying “I just missed you” designed to appear personally written, all akin to typical real-estate marketing. Offers for free distribution of my flyers, seemed a nice favour, resulting in most of my mail out information going missing, all part of the dirty game.

The night before the election in came the bus loads of interstate Labor workers, they hit the polling booths hard, and had people sleeping over night with dogs to protect their massive coverage of the polling booths, and on the day of the election they had dozens of people in every polling booth. Parts of these actions were to intimidate minor party workers and control polling booth coverage, with many of my supporters coping verbal abuse.

Massive reports of voters being turned away from polling booths, names missing of the electoral rolls and a host of other issues, have now become the norm during SA elections.

The continued use of a pencil to mark your ballot paper, and inappropriate conduct at the polling booths has also become the norm. Informal votes will account for over 10% of votes and continued disgust at our full preferential system makes it clear the changes to our electoral system I have been fighting for, for over a decade are necessary.

Even with all the structural biases of the electoral system and the dodgy conduct, Labor still had a swing against them, so ask yourselves what would have been the outcome of an honest process?


The Media Backed their every move which was obvious to everyone who tried to follow the campaign, so it is time for we the people, to work together to expose the truth, demand change and defend democracy.

See for the full outcome of the 2010 state election.

Mark Aldridge Independent Candidate

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