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Media release-beware dodgy election practices

Mark Aldridge Independent 8/2013

It’s sneaky, dishonest and it’s bad for our democracy, dodgy practices should never be a part of our election conduct, but each year it gets worse, more than good enough reason to put those who endorse such practices last on the ballot paper.

Innocent voters are receiving letters from political parties, disguised as “Postal Voting Information.” Turns out, that letter is a trick to try and get your personal information so they can “target” you and your vote!

Australian political parties are tricking people into thinking the form inside that envelope is going straight to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), but in reality, they’re redirecting the mail back to party headquarters.

Don’t make the mistake of handing over all your information to a political party because the reply paid envelope was addressed to the “Postal Vote Centre” but the address is their party headquarters. They all seem to do it slightly differently - but all with the same intention.

In 2010 the state Labor party even registered the name of the opposition leader as a reply paid address to intercept your information.

If you've still got your reply-paid envelope, use it to send a message back to the parties telling them you despise dodgy practices, and that they have now lost your support.

Dodgy how to vote cards, false promise, dressing up as other parties, intercepting postal ballot applications and your personal information is not good enough, so use your vote to send them a clear message at this federal election, by putting the honest candidates above them when you preference.

Being forced to attend, forced to prefer even those you oppose diminishes your right to a free vote, dodgy information, lies and deceit, let alone many lobby groups providing false information about the candidates themselves denies you the right to cast an informed vote. Add to this fake how to vote information, dodgy electoral rolls and reply paid addresses and democracy in its true sense fails.

Do not let your vote endorse such an undemocratic system.

Mark Aldridge

Independent federal candidate for Wakefield

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