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When choosing a representative of your state or countries future, best you know what they are about and who they are. Here is a brief overview of my political history

1999 Studied to enter the political arena as an Independent ·

  • Covering law and order, criminal prosecution, equity in taxation and tariff protections. ·

  • Promised my friends and family I would fight for honesty and accountability ·

  • Met with SAPOL, Farmers groups, taxi board, and many local South Australian Industries, finding the best information over a beer in the pub.

2000 decided to run for the senate as an Independent ·

  • Stood against the GST as it was not to abolish existing excessive taxation measures ·

  • Fought for electoral reforms to address full preferential voting and the 2 party biases ·

  • Met with many local small businesses and industry

  • I was interviewed on many occasions, but none went to press 

2001 my first election “Senate candidacy as an Independent” in blank box F on the ballot paper, running with my wife Helen ·

  • Came in second to the democrats candidate “Natasha stott despoia” ·

  • Secured first preferences from Labor, Liberal, One nation and others ·

  • Our name was left of the ballot papers by biased electoral alw and media coverage. ·

  • Exposed publically many more flaws becoming evident in the electoral system ·

  • Demanded equity in taxation, including all companies operating in Australia. ·

  • Addressed short falls in media fair play, in particular regarding electoral information. ·

  • Studied and stood against agenda 21 and the UN’s ability to manipulate local legislation. 

2002 to 2003 ·          Continued to study politics ·         

  • Ran in for the states upper house to address a variety of issues including legislative change to address pokie losses and addiction. ·

  • Studied electoral legislation and constitutional law ·

  • Took legal action in the court of disputed returns “Self represented” to address inadequacies in our electoral system and the increase in dodgy practices, demanding my right as an elector to a free and informed vote ·

  • Continued my study of water resources ·

  • Started writing and speaking on supposed global warming. 

2004 Continued my studies ·

  • Opened an import business to help fund wildlife care and children in need. ·

  • Studied Family law and endured many months self represented·

  • English precedents regarding electoral legislation ·

  • Started supporting people in need in courts and with government departments ·

  • Worked with the aboriginal community both in SA and the NT ·

  • Supported issues with immigration inequities ·

  • Performed an in-depth look into the diversion of police services and the accuracy of electronic speed detection. ·

  • Spent time studying nuclear power generation and green power storage and supply. 

2006 ·

  • Studied a variety of federal, state and general political and social issues ·

  • Met with professionals to study the truth behind the adding of fluoride to drinking water. ·

  • Put forward senate submissions on multiculturalism and democratic reform. ·

  • I was approached by several political parties to run with them. ·

  • Exposed on national TV a variety of major issues throughout the year ·

  • Opened up “Willow wood sanctuary” on our property to support abused and injured native wild life. ·

  • Worked with and supported SPSN and several other return soldier groups to demand equity from government departments and the need for improved social services   

2007 lead a political party into the federal election as their lead “Senate” candidate ·         

  • Met with most government and leading businesses ·

  • I was published well and spoke on several topics including; Small business, taxation, democracy, climate debate, law & order, dairy and local producers, water and power. ·

  • Studied social issues and economics. ·

  • Exposed Labor and greens links to GetUp, and issues with their dodgy how to vote information. ·

  • Travelled the country speaking on climate science and the need for open debate.

  • Studied many in the political arena including; La Rouche, Pitman, Chip, Menzies, Jack Lang et al

  • Continued to fight for the return of a nation owned banking system similar to that of King O'malley  


  • Activism as usual, including the Murray, primary production, NRM ect ·

  • Attended and spoke at many rallies regarding water, the Murray and the NRM disgrace. ·

  • Worked with victims of Families SA and the forgotten Australians, and spoke publically on the many failings of the current system including that of the Family courts. ·

  • Studied and met with many regarding aboriginal rights and federal treatment. ·

  • Created the website ·

  • Exposed inadequacies in the use and calibration of fixed and mobile speed cameras. ·

  • Wrote on and studied online gambling and security. ·

  • Studied the application of hemp in its industrial form for Australia and the options for its use in the medical arena ·

  • Continued my interest in the letters patent and various legal issues relating to indigenous sovereignty. 

2009 Year of the expose’s and ran for the senate, this time to gain a voice as a community advocate ·

  • I was involved in many national and local exposes, including water theft and legislation, support for local producers, improper use of police services, and the writing of dodgy legislation. ·

  • Visited most of the Murray areas, dairies and local producers reliant on the Murray for water.

  • Met with both victims and professionals to study issues relating to the operations of WorkCover. ·

  • Spoke out on the issue of market domination in the grocery industry. ·

  • Spoke and was published on freedom of association and unconstitutional legislative change.

  • Increased my studies regarding water recycling with the help of the great Colin Pitman including writing articles on water proofing SA. ·

  • Continued to study the way forward, including the need for an “Australian bill of rights” collating my own version to ensure open and equitable debate. 

2010 Ran as a state upper house candidate “Independent” ·      

  • Took a massive court action on, self represented in the court of disputed returns, exposing tens of thousands of missing ballot papers and indeed votes, and exposing several conduct issues including dodgy how to vote cards and various other conduct issues including over 100,000 missing votes. ·

  • Held several of the state’s largest rallies and spoke at many more around the state and country including; Climate change, carbon trading, law and order, democracy, marriage equality, The application of Hemp in Australia, SOCCA, Freedom of speech, Julian Assange and many others both in SA and Canberra ·

  • I was proud to hold one of the biggest rallies to address Disability and mental health issues ·

  • Addressed police services and community safety ·

  • Involved in several TV exposes including the Adelaide plains aquifers and water theft ·

  • Studied carbon trading and world monitory issues. ·

  • Stood in support of a local motorsports park ·

  • Spoke regularly on the applications in Australia of hemp in industry and medical applications. 

2011 ·

  • In February I raised money and headed off to QLD to help flood victims, taking 4 tonnes of emergency items for both displaced people and the many wiped out animal carers. ·

  • Nominated for a pride of Australia medal, for my work in community support. ·

  • Dont sell Australians short social networking site and the buyback Australia national campaign ·

  • Lobbied for the restoration of vehicle registrations labels on national TV to ensure the protection of drivers and consumers. ·

  • Prepared to run for the local bi-election in my local electorate of Ramsay. ·

  • Continued to study the way forward for the change that is so desperately needed at a national level. ·

  • Defended actions against me by a WorkCover board member for exposing self interest 

2012 decided to address federal and state issues on my local electorate area ·

  • Nominated for a pride of Australia medal ·

  • I ran in the Ramsay bi-election as an Independent “Representing you not a political party” ·

  • The election resulted in coming second to the favoured Labor party in their safest seat, missing out only by a few percent ·

  • During the election several conduct issues were raised and near 30% of the vote was absent from the counting, a record in missing votes. ·

  • how to vote cards were again used and the state Liberal party were a no show. ·

  • My wife Helen became a finalist in the Pride of Australia medal for her work with injured animals ·

  • Stood on a variety of issues including; community safety, democracy, small business and for the protection of local primary producers and local manufacturing. ·

  • Held a political rally to address the undue influence of the big duopoly of Coles & Woolworths ·

  • Met with many diverse community groups and supported fundraisers for orphanages in Cambodia · Supporting disability through “Salisbury high schools” Disability basketball carnival ·

  • Channel 7 helped me expose issues with the removal of registration labels. ·

  • rallies being held include the “Fresh food awareness day” to promote the support of local farmers & producers and small business in general on the 25 of August 2012. ·

  • Speaking all over the country including Industrial empowerment, carbon trading, democracy & electoral law, Australian primary production issues, problem gambling and Market manipulation in the grocery industry.

  • Opened many "Farm Direct" Markets to promote and support local Farmers and primary producers, and high light the need for improved support for our food bowl.

2013 I continue to fight for the rights of all Australians and to keep out farmers on the land

  • I continue to increase the number of "Farm Direct" Markets across the state, with other states now taking on the ideal.

  • In January 2013 I started my biggest campaign called "Put your money in the right pockets" which is all about the question "IS IT AUSTRALIAN?"

  • I will stand for the federal seat of Wakefield as an Independent

  • While the 2 major parties continue to take away our rights, I will continue to fight for their restoration and to define our rights and liberty's

  • While the 2 major party's continue to back the sale of our land, farms, water and infrastructure, I will continue to be the one candidate who fights no stop the sale and buy back the farm.

  • I have demanded that the up and coming referendum which will be held during the September 2013 Federal election goes further than that of empowering local government, but defines where they stand and exactly what powers the people think they should have.

I will continue to learn, stand up for issues important to my community and country, and demand a fair go for all Aussies. I continue to improve my knowledge of all things political using hands on knowledge as my learning tool, and regardless of my success at the polls, will continue to lead by example, the only benefit in electing me as your representative is, I will have more resource’s and a stronger voice to do what I already do, and if successful, I will help empower the people to a more informed, honest and free inclusion in our countries future.

My wife and I live and work together 24/7 and I work hard 7 days a week, let us as a team continue to work for you, as your employees..... If I can ever give you a hand I will do my very best.

Mark Aldridge Independent Federal candidate for Wakefield SA

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