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Sovereign rights exposed

South Australia has for too long bragged to be the only colony in Australia to be established entirely through supposed free settlement.

We may not have been settled on the back of convict arrivals, but unfortunately South Australia was actually built on an unlawful land grab that breached British laws protecting the rights of Aboriginal people.

The silence of this unlawful land grab has been defining to say the least, says Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate for the legislative council, this subject is not new on the political front by any means and it now is the time to bring it all out in the open.

All those years ago, laws were in place for the rightful purchase of the traditional owners land, but as to why they were ignored is now only speculation, although it would be an easy guess.

This situation has not remained quiet due to ignorance, but more so through incompetence and self-serving consecutive governments, says Mark.

Now is the time to work together for a new treaty of understanding between the South Australian government and its indigenous people, no more sweeping it under the rug, the truth is about to come out and appropriate action is long over due.

The Letters Patent issued by King William IV in 1836 establishing the province of South Australia, made clear that the traditional landowners of our fine state were to be included in any negotiations regarding our states settlement, as it was and is still their land in the first place.

I see no reason why this important issue cannot be dealt with right now through fair and equitable negotiations, rather than millions of wasted dollars and the next decade languishing in our court system, which would only prove to a further attack on the fundamental rights of true sovereignty over our lands.

A new book has just been released “coming to terms” which clearly exposé’s these truths, a must read for our States political representatives, the books revelations make it clear that the aforementioned letters patient instructed the colonists to proceed only if the land could be acquired with the consent of the indigenous population, if only the kings orders had been followed all those years ago.

The book edited by lawyer Shaun Berg, with input from various academics should open the many closed doors our aboriginal population have had to endure for well over a century.

As a candidate for the Legislative Council, I appeal to the South Australian Government to immediately enter into resolute negotiations with the local indigenous communities, so as to finalize this ugly chapter in our States history, in a manner appropriate with that of a compassionate and fair society.

Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate for the Legislative council.

08 82847482 / 0403379500

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