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The election campaign still has 2 weeks to go, not that the public will get much of an opportunity to meet and question the candidates, with the latest Advertiser article more so a beat up of the community of Ramsay “A drovers dog could win the seat” says it all.

The Salisbury Soap box event put on by a democracy lobby group, resulted in only one candidate turning up to answer questions from the community, and that would be me, not even any media to cover the event, the election has in the most remained a very silent one, as if Labors strong hold on the seat, makes it un-worthy of coverage of any substance.

The whole idea that the seat is totally safe, makes a mockery of democracy, and demeans my community as a whole, making matters worse even the electoral system itself opens the doors to further dodgy back room deals that the public dare not be made aware.

Time to do the preference deals reminds me of all I hate about politics, having to preference even those I despise, let alone the usual lies and false promise, even if I have the ability to give Labor a swift kick, parties like the Liberal democratic party, who rely in the absence of a Liberal candidate to pick up a few stray votes on their use of the Liberal word in their name, are passing their preferences to Labor over a local community known candidate in the best position to dish out some overdue accountability.

Even the local Messenger’s photo shoot was not enough to bring the Labor candidate out of her office, and reports I have received from my many supporters clearly showed her contempt for the local community she intends to supposedly represent, with the only two people that turned up to ask questions at Zoe Bettison’s community event, were outnumbered by Bettison’s minders and left very much feeling ignored.

If Labor tried to take me on at a grass roots level, they would not have a chance in hell, the same applies to public debate, so their strength remains in apathy and this silent campaign with the usual Media coverage leaning their way.

Labor may not only be underestimating their supreme position in the area, as the more the local electorate are ignored, the greater my support has become, with the most grass roots support and funding I have ever imagined could occur.

The Aldridge name is very well received in the city of Salisbury, and my wife and I’s work in the local community is proving to be well remembered, as a result of this, I have been able to match Labor with votes one and letter box material as of Monday, I have enough local support to double up on the flyers and have many at each polling booth, so now how do I get Labors chosen seat filler, to come into the community and debate me live on any topic of her choice?

The media love to remind the people I have a few failed election campaigns in my past, forgetting putting ones hand up for the senate and the upper house is reliant on being able to market oneself to the entire South Australian voting public of over 1 million people, which I have never been that mistaken to believe it could be achieved, some of us do it to get a voice to lobby for change, which I have successfully done for over a decade.

The contempt being showed for my community, is a bloody disgrace, and I will work hard over the last 2 weeks of the campaign to ensure Labor face some accountability for their un-democratic actions, I say this to Labor “Never underestimate the power or grass roots campaigning” and the good will of the many local business people, when they are left to feel disenfranchised by the very party they have grown up supporting, remembering I was once one of them.

I secured position one on the ballot paper, and have just a little up my sleeves, regardless of what the media think of me, 12 years in the arena has been very educational J

Mark Aldridge Independent Candidate for Ramsay Voice of the community

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