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RSPCA Facts & Figures in SA and National

DOGS/Cats: The RSPCA received in 4017 dogs in 2012 going by their own public records.

Whether or not we can rely on these facts and figures is open to debate, but this is what they released to the public and their members for 2012.

Kill rates should be based on animals left in the RSPCA.s care

Dogs adopted out           740      Cats adopted        783

Dogs put down                870      Cats put down     1381

Dogs transferred             323      Cats transferred    105

Dogs left at year’s end     26       Cats years end     119

These are the facts for animals left in the RSPCA’s care, yet they are telling parliament and the media their success rate is 85%, so if the council drop of a dog and it is then picked up by the owner they wish to have these animals considered as adopted out, and that is not the case.

It is believed that councils pay a fee to drop of a dog and owners are charged upon pick up, those facts like many are hard to certify, $68 council fee to drop of and $150 plus additional charges to pick your animal up, confirmation has been sought.

The RSPCA have not disclosed what a transfer is, it has been said this figure may include research, I hope and pray it is to non kill shelters, but the RSPCA have made a statment that does not occur.

DOG/Cats National figures.

Dogs adopted               17,975     Cats adopted         20,489

Dogs put down              14,211     Cats put down        24,651

Dogs transferred             2,042     Cats transferred       1,419

These figures may also include animals returned to their owners, which is greater for dogs than cats

The RSPCA SA show the reasons for putting down an animal

Dogs                                                          Cats

Infection           159                                     245

Medical              85                                     326

Behavioural     593                                     991

The RSPCA can take animals from other shelters based on behaviour, even no kill shelters, yet if they take it for a behavioural issue, in the most they put them down.

Note: Behavioural issues numbers for cats?

Where does the RSPCA in S.A. spend its money?

For every $100 in income in SA, is raised by $14 from enforcement, $42 from fundraising, $16 from corporate and $28 from animal operations.

For every $100 they spend $26 goes into enforcement, $18 to fundraising, $14 goes to the corporate sector and $42 goes to animal operations.

The state government fund the RSPCA in SA to the tune of just over $700,000 per annum.

Total expenditure in 2012 was $7,702,682

Total balance (accumulated excesses) is around $14 Million dollars in the bank (profit)

NATIONAL KILL RATES STORIES (most include reclaimed to cover kill rates of those left to the care of the RSPCA)

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