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The Labor government’s huge success

Australia’s Labor government are having massive success for so many people, tens of thousands of new school positions, hundreds of new schools, hospitals, regional education and adaption, water resources and access to cheap food stocks, democracy, policing election conduct, hundreds of thousands of free vaccines, power generation stations, water desalination operations, organisational support and funding, work health and safety, food security, you name it, spending Billion’s of borrowed dollars.

Unfortunately the great job they have done is all on foreign soil!

Another 20 billion went into banking corporations, 35 billion to the corporation running the NBN, and a variety of other government corporations donated massive amounts to other overseas corporations.

Australia is the largest donor to many overseas nations, many of whom do not always ensure the money donated ends up in the hands of the people that need it the most, and don’t we all know that.

Mongolia $13.5 million, China $29.3 million, Vietnam river project $9.4 million, Myanmar $48.8 million, Laos $49.8 million, Cambodia $94.8 million, East Timor $107.8 million, Philippines $129.4 million, Vietnam $140 million, Indonesia over $1 Billion, Indonesia schools $505 million, East Asia $1205 Million, Cook Islands $3.3 million, Tuvalu 11.7 million, Nauru 25 million, Kiribah $30 million, Tonga $34.9 million, Samoa $42 million, Fiji $45 million, Vanuatu $65 million, the Solomon Islands $252 million and the list goes on and on.

These figures do not cover the huge $$$$$ being spent on addressing climate change!

In the aforementioned aid, Australia is the largest or on par with the largest donors to all of these and many more nations.

The Labor governments liabilities from their own reports, which I assume is watered down by spin, totals over 450 billion dollars, whoops should I have said the Australian peoples liabilities.

Labor have never been able to fully fund our super liability which is heading well past 130 billion, need I go on?

Everything the Australian people are screaming for, like: water and food security, increased employment initiatives, environmental protections, education and health care investment, protected democratic elections, improved police services, even woman’s equity, are all being provided, just not to the Australian people, a direct result of UN involvement in strategic planning. 

670 million was donated overseas under the heading of “effective governance”; I think we could do with a little of that here in Australia, don’t you? 

Funding of "overseas awards" alone now exceeds $300 million dollars, the cost of running AusAID who distribute most of this money, is said to be upwards of $270 million, and as to how much goes missing along the way, a trivial 10% would be on the bright side of estimates. 

So Labor are doing all that we ask them to do, they have just forgotten to put we the people on top of the list, in fact it appears have yet to get that far down on the list to find the words “Australian people”.

And all this is being paid for by money borrowed on our behalf, with cut backs to services and infrastructure in our own nation, even worse, while our government spend tens of millions helping other nations become self sufficient in food production, they are letting our food bowl go to rack and ruin.

I dare not add into these figures school halls & the failed pink bats insulation scheme, the Henry tax review, grocery & school watch, the 6 billion dollar blow out in illegal immigration, cuts to our defence budget hitting figure below what we spent in 1938, and the continued sale of our assets, land, water and infrastructure.

This is only a quick note, a full expose will take another few weeks, links below will take you direct to the governments own financials which I have used in this brief summary.

Mark Aldridge Independent & community advocate

The link below is to AUSAID, Australia’s foreign aid donations and what they are used for.

The following link is to the Labor governments full financials, or should I say we the peoples

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