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Getup exposed as Labor in sheep’s clothing, have you been SetUp?

The Alliance Australia

During the 2006 Federal election, GetUp mobilized many deceived voters into believing they were a truly non political movement with the sole intention of bringing change to Australian politics, says the Alliance   

Their “Save the Senate” Campaign all those years ago, so happened to exclude minor and Liberal candidates, but the deception went much further, with an on-line service designed to help the electorate choose whom they should vote for, based on a questionnaire designed by GetUp.

Whichever way one answered the question, the result was Labor or the Greens, far from being truly fair and Independent, says Mark Aldridge, the Alliance spokesperson in SA.   

With over 376,000 members, GetUp have a huge impact on the outcome of elections, this year they have taken a similar approach, asking their many members to man the polling booths with again a supposed unbiased document to assist voters in their decision making, once again pushing both the greens and Labor.

The fact is the document favors The Australian greens, and we all know in the lower house this is nothing more than a vote for the Labor party, coincidentally, GetUp even use the same printer and colors as the Labor party.   

The document pictured below, is very clear as to where GetUp want voters preferences to go, with claims they can reach upwards of 1 million voters, so does such deceit of their trust warrant further investigation?

The Alliance will be investigating both connections and funding of GetUp, and keep an eye on them, so as the public can be certain of their true intention, says Mark

Even the 2010 federal elections saw a senate enquiry question Getup again over dodgy practices with an apology the only result, any lobby groups who deliberately attacks democracy at a grass roots level, does not deserve the peoples support, but we all know money can buy trust, and get up have plenty of it.

In recent times the Labor party to avoid building suspicion of their connections to their lobby group Getup, diverted union funding over to get up, resulting in even more money for GetUp to help control public opinion on Labor policy, working hand in hand to manipulate public support, when Labor decide to make policy change, they allow SetUp to lobby for that very reform before hand. 

With Election conduct going down hill over the past decade, it is past time honesty and transparency were paramount, our representatives should be chosen by the free will of an informed electorate, rather than false promise and deceitful practices.   

Mark M Aldridge Spokesperson of the Alliance SA 08 82847482 / 0403379500 (2009)

Read about who you are supporting with GetUp

UPDATE; View the results of the recent GetUp senate enquiry into electoral misconduct, which did not address the minor party and independents who were also discredited by GetUp's campaign

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