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The Muddied Water Debate 2010

The once mighty river is a picture of disaster, money being thrown left right and centre, pardon the pun, years of talk fests, highly paid experts, court litigation, the list is long and arduous, the truth is both sides of politics do nothing more than pray for rain.

Desalination the most expensive and environmentally devastating option seems to be Rann’s rabbit in a hat, now the liberals have come up with a recycling scheme which is with out doubt the most eco friendly, and the idea of final filtering the water to be injected into the existing water piping infrastructure is a bloody good one.

Labor attacks the plan, with out thought of how they would cover the monstrous cost of delivering recycled water through an all new underground piping and infrastructure. Their ideals are ill thought, when we look at the Glenelg recycling scheme, where the piping and delivery costs have proven cost prohibitive.

To truly pursue long term water initiatives to water proof our beloved State, we must look beyond the picture of our failing river, to include protection of our Aquifers, upgrades of our ailing underground infrastructure and to embrace storm water recycling.   

The Rann government have passed legislation in 2002 to allow unlimited use of our water resources by civil contractors, even from natural water supplies like our rivers, lakes and Aquifers with out any protection to their long term viability, in fact they have gone as far as rendering inoperative the many government web sites and research which has clearly found such moves to be devastating to our Aquifers long term viability!

The Rann government should be held accountable for such underhanded and ill thought moves, as an Independent I demand they not only repeal this legislation immediately, but also publicly explain the reason behind it introduction.   

It has become obvious that the government hold the interests of overseas construction giants above that of our ailing water resources, which is “Totally unacceptable”

While the debate on these important issues continues to be muddied by spin and deceit, the path to our long-term water future is becoming longer by the day.

As an Independent Voice, and through thorough investigation, I will continue to expose the truth and lobby for accountability, out of sight out of mind in respect of our Aquifers, underground infrastructure should never be an excuse, long term vision should not be shackled by our governments ideal of the time between elections.

I say take me on Mr. Rann, admit your shortcomings, and tell the public the truth, because I will ensure they become informed one way or another.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council

See my Today Tonight expose on you tube or on this site under my more detailed water articles

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