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Where the bloody hells the country voice in Parliament?

Over the years many have asked me why our country regions are seemingly with out a strong voice in parliament, questions like, why water is taken from them first, even thought they are the food bowl of our country.

The answer is much more simple than most would like to think, It is all about representation, democracy and our electoral system, 2 party politics is entrenched in our political life, we have to preference every player and the 2 party preferred count ensures in a majority of cases the result to be one of the 2 major parties.

Party politics then ensures the biggest voice wins party policy, and Country South Australia will never have enough representatives to sway party policy in their direction, regardless of any good intention.

Those country regions that have enjoyed a strong voice in parliament are those who have taken the chance on Independent Candidates, because their voice is not muffled by party policy.

If the country community look at the state of their failing infrastructure and social services, the blame lays with consecutive labor and liberal governments over a very long period of time, not just the last decade or so, so it becomes evident that the 2 party system is failing regional Australia across the board.

It is time not only regional Australia but also their city counter parts took an informed look out side the box, in regards to the casting of their precious vote, to be honest our direction is so of track could taking a chance on an independent voice be any worse than the decision to vote as we always have, to stay on the same path?

From what I have seen the country electorate have nothing else to loose and little time left to pray the majors will suddenly deliver on their years of false promise, please for the sake of your future, become informed enough of your choices to make what little part your vote plays in our future, to he a truly educated one.

Mark M Aldridge MLC Independent Candidate

P O Box 1073 Virginia S.A. 5120

08 82847482 / 0403379500  

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