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Australia’s producers and growers are the best at what they do, and their produce is without doubt some of the best & safest in the world, because if any herbicide, fungicide is known to cause possible harm, it is banned in Australia, going further, most of our farmers, in particular the smaller family owned farms take pride in what they grow and produce.

This campaign is all about one question "Is it Australian?" this question should be asked every time we part with our hard earned money, at the fish shop, restaurant, grocery store, everywhere, "retailers do listen", if they hear it enough, they will start to do the same when they stock their stores.

It is all about Healthy, healthy produce, employment opportunity's and a Healthy future

Don't struggle to read the fine print, let the staff do that, ask them "Is it Australian" and keep asking them, every time you shop, watch it catch on, and reap the rewards, "Farm Direct" markets are a prime example of success.

When you forget to ask "Is it Australian?" you risk more than jobs and your children's future.

When shop keepers keep hearing the question "Is it Australian?" they will do the same, when they stock up, and the effects on labelling in the big grocery stores will be addressed if we keep asking "Is it Australian?"

So many imported products, vaccines and even our water supply is being laced with a variety of dangerous chemicals, Vinclozen, Fluoride, formaldehyde, arsenic, Methylcyclopropene, artificial colours and flavouring, aspartame, astaxanthin, fructalose, benzoic acid, MSG, canthaxanthin, chlorine, lead, the list is huge, and even chemicals banned by our health authorities and the FDA, are finding their way to Australia, because our supposed representatives are bowing to the United Nations by way to trading ideals?

Many of these chemicals are here for life, they enter our body’s, our unborn children, the water ways, aquifers our oceans and even the air we breathe, it is time to demand change, to be that change to care for our planet by simply voting with our hip pockets. 

Vinclozen is one of many nasty items being sprayed on imported produce, one study demonstrated that vinclozolin impaired male fertility not only in the first generation that was exposed in utero, but in males born for three generations and beyond, the EPA have exposed it as a possible carcinogen, which is known to cause cancer.

Hidden in our soft drinks and many other products are all sorts of nasty chemicals, now being exposed as health hazards, aspartame, fructalose, Benzene, Brominated vegetable oil and many other dangerous chemicals?

"It is highly probable such chemicals are on your current shopping list or ending up in your shopping basket at both of the big super market chains"

Many of these nasty chemicals stay in our systems, and are passed on to future generations, so unless we act now, our legacy will not be remembered well.

Free trade and our many promises and signatories to the UN’s many agenda’s, insist we import produce and items that contain such dangerous chemicals, therefore both the major political parties back the ideal, and the increase in an increasing number of insidious issues brought about by agenda 21.

Add to this many issues like; The mighty power of the big duopoly of Coles and Woolworths to run rough shod over local producers and their ability to manipulate both shelving space and labelling to favour their hip pocket rather than the best interests of their customers & Foreign government subsidies of competing imported produce and people power becomes the very last option.

Our government have all but lost control of our nations destiny, yet what do we as a sovereign nation, if we have no say in the running of the UN, who now appear to be in control of our children’s destiny?

Until we can overcome political mediocrity, best we stop passing the blame and take up the fight ourselves, because we as consumers have all the power, do not buy any food produce that is imported, ask every time you buy food stuffs, where it comes from, do the same in restaurants, takeaways and the supermarkets, and say no to imports.

My past campaigns like “Buy Australian”, “Support our local farmers and producers” “Boycott Woolworths and Coles”, "Farm Direct" and “Buy Back Australia” are all still relevant.

The new Campaign starts in February 2013 “PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE RIGHT POCKETS” and unites all the past campaigns into one, the launch will take place at one of my new “Farm Direct” Markets, which are all about ensuring we maintain our ability to become self reliant with all essential services, in particular our ability to safely feed our nation’s future.

Right now we are at war, not the traditional wars of the past, as the enemy are already within, we are in a war we can only win if we unite and support each other, and ensure every cent we spend ends up in the right pockets, and any food or water that enters our bodies is clean, fresh and beyond all else safe.

Spread the word, like the FaceBook site, emails your friends, and share your experiences, expose dodgy companies and produce, and lets work united to ensure our nation’s future, you never know, our actions may just rub off on our politicians.

Mark Aldridge

Independent Candidate and community advocate

08 82847482 / 0403379500

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