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Truth about my petition, is not what is being published! I set out in detail over 20 breaches of the electoral Act, in detail with supporting statements, statutory declarations and affidavits. I had over 30 witnesses ready to give evidence, and I was basing my argument around the common law precedents found in many cases through out history, and confirmed as being current by parliament as recently as June 2009. Just because the argument had not been used, does not mean it is irrelevant. There fore my petition, instead of arguing exact figures, it contained facts relating to the conduct straying too far from the legislative provisions, as to become uncomfortable at law, the crown solicitor argued that recent amendments in or about 2009, did not back the common law argument and won on that ground. Since the petition was struck out, it has become evident that he was wrong, and that my argument indeed applied. For any media source to misrepresent all that I went through, as a waste of time, is in deed an injustice, over 1000 statements, is not a joke, over 17,500 missing postal ballots is a bloody disgrace, near 10,000 dodgy postal applications, can easily be described as attempted fraud full stop. Over 25,000 informal ballots in the upper house above the lower house figures is staggering, the electoral roll buggered up on the hand over to electronic, denying thousands their votes, and those that did vote are now being fined for not voting. 77 declared institutions were denied service, that is thousands of our sick and elderly, because the commissioner was too snowed under, is that good enough? The commissioner in the last day of argument denied this, yet her sworn affidavit, clearly showed this to be true. Every legislative council candidate were denied access details to afford us the ability to do informed preference deals, the commission said they did not have it ready in time, yet in their sworn affidavits showed an example with a production date, which proved they were lying. People from with in the commission declared they approached the commissioner regarding these issue 2 weeks out from the election, yet nothing was done, and they were not allowed to testify, I had arranged to subpoena them at trial. Many of the seats won by Labor were done so by only a hand full of votes, as if Tens of Thousands of missing or denied votes would not have made a difference. The main breach of the Act, was section 8 (c) where the electoral commission MUST ensure the electorate are aware of their rights and obligations, yet the “How to vote Guide” did not go to every home, and the “how to vote” posters were reported to not be in the booths, It is law that this is done, my bloody website “How to vote in sa” had over 25,000 hits in a couple of days, every candidate I know was inundated with calls asking where to go to vote, and how to fill in a ballot, what a disgrace. My Petition had hundreds of statements where people were denied ballot papers, replacement ballots, and even booths that ran out of absentee ballots, Surveys were done and attached to back up this, including hundreds of confirming statements. Obviously the media do not understand the principles of law, when the Chief Justice said I had insufficient facts, he was talking about adherences to section 107, where the petition and facts with in, were to support the common law argument, which was bloody valid; From Hansard Thursday June 4th 2009**Secondly, the Bill clarifies the grounds on which an election may be declared void. Although not expressly stated in the Act, the common law of elections applies in South Australia. At common law, the grounds on which an election may be declared invalid are: that there was no real election, that is, where it can be shown that the electors did not in fact have a free and fair opportunity of electing the candidate that the majority might prefer; or that the election was not really conducted under the requirements of the Act—that is, the conduct of the election departed so far from the requirements of the Act that it could not be said the election was conducted under those requirements; **To degrade all my hard work, and keep from the public the truth regarding the conduct regardless of my lack of success, is a disgrace, it reminds me of the infamous words of Swinton when he used the line “Intellectual prostitutes” all those years ago, the affidavit of the commissioner is on file, and her exhibit KMM-4, is eye opening, but best keep it to your selves. I was only ever an amateur, trying to defend what I considered the corner stone of society, our Democracy, at huge expense to my self, never with any visions of grandeur, and the media make a mockery of my hard work, it is no wonder so many good people have given up, the fight for a fair bloody go. There were so many other affidavits which would curl your toes, but hey, best sweep them under the rug, it is the one thing the media are very good at. ") Mark M Aldridge

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