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There are many dodgy ways to win an election, here is an overview of one.

So you receive your special letter in the mail, all of Australia did, it looks like this.

You open it to get your “Important postal vote information for the 2016 federal election.

The parcel contains Liberal propaganda even on the postal ballot application itself, as they have modified the one that should be provided by the electoral commission.

You fill in your application, providing all your personal information and even secret voting passwords, and place it in the supplied envelope.

The envelope is addressed as such; Postal Vote Applications, Reply Paid 20, Adelaide SA 5001.

You pop it in the mail, what happens next?

The mail arrives not at the electoral commission, but at the head office of the Liberal party, who then open and read the information, including the secret password, then if they are honest and accountable, they then send on your application.

In 2010 when this idea was first used by the Labor party in SA, they registered several reply paid addresses to intercept peoples mail and information, one of them was registered under the opposition leaders name.

The result was this, 130,000 people posted applications for postal votes, but only 100,000 were received by the commission, of those, only just over 70,000 postal ballots made it back, the winning margin of the general election was around 1200.

Do your own sums, this new letter from the Liberals went to every home of registered voters in the country, so the Liberal party will have millions of applications arriving at their head offices, does this seem right to you?

Should they have access to your private details, and your special voting secret pass words?

I note around 20,000 postal ballots were written off as double ups, hmmmmmmm.

Any party with a vested interested in the outcome of the election, should not be handling any part of the democratic process.

Lets say they sent some earlier asking you how you would vote, say with a reply paid address named as their opposition, then they send out postal ballot applications, could they then no pass on applications of those they know will vote for their opposition?

What if they made a mistake or got busy, resulting in the application being late, and tens of thousands if not millions missed out on their votes?

Just so you all know, a general election cannot be invalidated regardless of the conduct of the count, so if a winning party was caught out after an election, nothing could be done until the next election.

I keep fighting to protect your vote, but I cant do it alone, I have exposed these issues for over 18 years, and even taken to the courts.

Something is seriously wrong here friends, and as the election goes on, it will only get worse, even posters of the majors are illegally erected and should not be up before this Monday.

Mark Aldridge

Independent for Makin....a difference, well trying to.

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