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Mark Aldridge Independent candidate for the Ramsay Bi-election calls for improved support for our seniors.


It is not as if our elderly have not paid for the right to enjoy their retirement.

"As the cost of living continues to rise, and with it increased hard ship for our elderly, surely we dare not charge them for using the states public transport system", says Mark

The continued rise in power prices coupled with the present water restrictions has been tough on everyone, more so those forced to struggle on their meager pension.

Bi-election or not, it is still an important issue, and wold barely put a dent in the income the state derives from our public transport system.

I wonder how many politician's have forgotten the fact that many of these retired citizens were taxed to cover their retirement, as most seem to treat the pension as a gift. It was worked for and paid for by those who worked hard to create the nation, back when it was still called the "Lucky Country".

If elected to replace the retiring Mike Rann, I will ensure I do so with the best interests of the entire electorate, and I am sure not one of the voters in the Ramsay area will not support our seniors.

Our retired seniors are made up of hard working Australians and retired service people, who ought to be afforded better support services than they currently receive.

This may be seen as a token gift when we consider what they truly deserve, but it is at least a start.

Mark Aldridge SA's best Independent for Ramsay.

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