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The Prime Minister ought to resign.

Malcolm Turnbull must resign as Prime Minister and follow the example given by other world leaders who have been caught up in the Panama Papers Tax avoidance Scandal, Says Mark Aldridge Independent

How can Turnbull stay in the High office of Prime Minister when it's been revealed that as managing Director of Goldman Sachs he was a director of offshore companies designed to avoid Australian Tax.

The fact that he did this when he was head of a major merchant bank is disgraceful.

He was obviously encouraging his clients to shovel money off shore away from Australia and our economy. He was in a top position at the time, so was well aware of what he was involved in.

It is easy to see now, and understand why he did now want an inquiry into the banks.

Take your pick; illegal campaign funding issues exposed , tax avoidance/money laundering, immediate dirty tactics at the start of the election, threatening councils, the liberal party has its hands in a lot of very dirty pies at the moment.

57% of the Liberal party donations have still not been declared, months after being requested by the Australian Electoral Commission just cloud even further the Leadership of the Prime Minister.

Could it be those donations are from the very Corporations tha t have been able to pay NO tax on billion dollar profits?

Turnbull's own investments are still in the Cayman Islands not Australia, so he is also avoiding his own liabilities, yet leaves the nations tax payers bearing the brunt of being the most taxed in the world.

Whats good for the Goose, should be good for the Gander as the old saying goes.

Mark Aldridge Independent for Makin (a difference)

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