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Independent calls for 24 hour police station in Salisbury

The City if Salisbury is one of the two largest cities in this state, and yet we do not even enjoy the security of a dedicated 24 hour police station, says Mark Aldridge Independent for Ramsay 

Community safety is a primary concern for Ramsay electorate, I know I have been out knocking on doors, says Mark, how can over 130,000 residents not warrant a 24 hour police station, let alone the resources to bring the area into line with other areas of the state?

Recent surveys have the Salisbury residents on the top of the list when it comes to feeling un-safe in their own community, so not only do we need 24 access to Local services, I will also need to lobby for improved resources across the board, “We need to put the police back into the community” says Mark. 

“I grew up in Parafield Gardens, in a day when as children we played in the community and were to be home when the street lights came on, we camped on the front lawn, and felt same walking the streets at night, I believe our children deserve to enjoy the same security”

“Crime and violence does not stop at 9.30”, when the Salisbury police station closes, many other issues face us as a community when it comes to police services includes the diversion of services to appease government revenue targets and the increased work load, with our police themselves mopping up other state shortfalls created by lack of funding to mental health services and the like, so there is a lot of work to be done.

“A safe City is in a much better position to attract future investment and development opportunities” Mark said. A happy community starts in the home and the community, so feeling safe should be a primary concern, he concluded.

Mark Aldridge Independent for Ramsay “Voice of the Community”

08 82847482 / 0403379500

The 2014 South Australian state election will elect members to the 53rd Parliament of South Australia on 15 March 2014. All seats in the House of Assembly or lower house, whose current members were elected at the 2010 election, and half the seats in the Legislative Council or upper house, last filled at the 2006 election, will become vacant. The 12-year incumbent Australian Labor Party, currently led by Premier Jay Weatherill, will be challenged by the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, currently led by Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond. The ramsay electorates main contender will be Mark Aldridge Independent son of the local councils mayor Gillian Aldridge of the Salisbury Council from parafield Gardens, Ramsay electorate, how to vote in Ramsay, who to support in ramsay, ramsay by-election, close second to Zoe Bettison, Labor party in Ramsay, Mark M Aldridge, Independent candidate for Ramsay,

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