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Democracy in Australia, is all about dodgy practices, missing ballot papers, electoral fraud, and interesting counting procedures.

The 2010 SA State election, resulted in tens of thousands of missing ballot papers, near 100,000 names missing of the electoral rolls, and over 20 major electoral law offences, in each case there were hundreds if not thousands of complaints, this was all upheld as OK by the courts. Watch the video below later to see just some of the results.

Mark Aldridge exposes massive electoral fraud at the SA Public launch of the Australian Alliance

The day after this speech it was revealed the state government amended electoral law once again to ensure they face NO opposition in the upper house, with leaks exposing they intend to introduce assoc...

In the 2012 Bi-elections, the results were never published, in Ramsay, Labors safest seat, near 30% of ballots were missing, or people did not vote, even though thousands turned up to be told they were no longer on the electoral roll or were in the wrong area.

The 2013 Federal election results were never published, well the preference flows, even though actual candidates demanded them, so what happened there.

In some booths thousands of missing ballots, somehow turned up in booths miles away, how & why?

If elections are dodgy and the media have the power to pick and choose which candidates get airtime, which are banned and even blank out names, combined can anyone actually say we live in a democracy.

Ballot papers for Independents can have their names missing, leaving you to guess which blank box to vote in, is this democracy?

While trying last week to find how missing post ballot papers are intercepted, because over 16,500 went missing in 2010, we first started by confirming the official postal address, only to be a little shocked, the ECSA official P O Box is 666? Yet we found over 60 different addresses being sent out, an assortment of PO Boxes and reply paid addresses. So where did your postal ballot end up?

Calls and emails to Australia post resulted in "get in touch with the ECSA" and the private number we were given, simply said everything is fine. 

So no ID is required, even when we were given easy voting cards, they are returned to us, to use elsewhere if we wanted to. We then get handled our might pencil and paper ballots, and cast our vote, even though polling staff carry rubbers in case you make a mistake, then our ballots are put into cardboard boxes, and this they call security of the ballot.

Go visit the electoral office in Adelaide and look at the equipment used in our first elections, ink and steel ballot boxes and question in your own mind how we have moved forward.

Counting figures in SA stopped being published on the day of the election, and may never be finalised on line, why?

Did you know that the electoral commission can guess your intention and change your ballot paper? Did you know your ballot paper can simply be rubbed out or crossed out what you marked on your ballot and changed, and that is a valid vote?

The Court of disputed returns in Adelaide, the place one would go to question these facts and figures, made it clear in 2010, "a general election cannot be disputed regardless of the conduct or the count", so why wouldn’t electoral fraud exist, if no one can invalidate the outcome, regardless of what they found.

No sour grapes here, I lost, my vote is the lowest it has been in years, why, who knows, and even though this is the case, I could still win on preferences, how sad is that, the system is broken, the media let you know of a few minor issues, yet never say a word months later if the whole truth is ever exposed.

Click here for all the facts and figures for SA elections, and you "Will be shocked"

Our electoral commission in SA, ran a massive campaign with our money, all about the “Power of the pencil” welcome to democracy in the 21st century.

Were you on the electoral roll, if so did your vote go missing and if it did not, did it count for a candidate you preferred, no one knows, and we are not meant to, democracy is an illusion, as long as we think we had some input that is good enough, well not in my eyes?

My posters get stolen as soon as I put them up or the councils demand I take them down, but the major parties do not have to comply, and I am now banned from all media, where I used to have channel 7 and 5AA, during this election TV exposes were put on the back burner and Radio no longer took my calls, and if supporters phoned in, the mention of my name was blanked out, yes this is democracy.

Mark Aldridge serial advocate for democracy

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