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Climate Change or a Change of Habits?

Having endured and studied the whole argument for many years now, its has become a fight between the well funded supporters of Co2 caused climate change and the skeptic’s whom dare to defy the whole political correctness of man made climate change.

So the choice seems to have become one of do we believe the many scientists and professionals that are granted an income to find supporting evidence of the Co2 caused warming theory, or the ever increasing range of similar supposed experts whom dare risk their good name by opposing the theory.

I for one have always considered long before the hypocorism of the original findings of the UN, that we must all consider ways in which to lesson our impact on our environment, and during my studies have never considered the life blood of our plant life Co2 to have been the future blame of all our worry’s.

The problem we now face if climate change be the biggest worry facing our future, is not one of a decision of who or what is to blame, but more so, what steps must be taken to ensure our populations ability to prepare for what the weather is about to hand out.

I would consider that a smart move would be to ensure adequate infrastructure projects to ensure a plentiful supply of power, food and potable water would be on the agenda, that we would as a world player, be ensuring that we are putting all our resources into preparing for what may lay ahead, be it cooling or warming of our climate.

Funnily enough our respective governments seem to be going in the other direction, the diversion of our food production to satisfy the green fuel agenda, the reduction of reliable power sources for the same reason, and very little advancement in storm water harvesting and increased water storage, which combines to also have a great affect on food production.

The strange but true part of this whole story is that increased Co2 and warmer temperatures actually would aid food production, which seems to be less than a fearful event considering our worlds huge population growth.

The Governments position in this whole argument is one of rationing, and increased consumer expense via the introduction of the aptly named RATS Bill, how can we truly survive an increase in population at the same time we have decided to reduce availability or reliable power, food and water supplies?

I swear I can hear the scream “ 1800’s here we come” yet who of us is ready for that?

So the argument is not one of are we warming or not, or even the cause of such, but rather what steps are being taken to combat any looming disaster, what ever mother nature maybe about to throw at us, we will not survive by ignorance of foresight, with lack of food and water and without advancements in the technologies to provide and protect our future

I truly doubt that as far as we have come as a world, that any of us think we can truly change the weather, and with the political decision being the more the merrier when it comes to our population, why does this not include our essential infrastructure and the social services to adequately cope.

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Mark M Aldridge

Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council

P O Box 1073 Virginia S.A. 5120

08 82847482 / 04043379500

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