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Permits to kill?

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PERMITS to kill thousands of native animals, including black swans, kookaburras and more than 1500 wombats were issued by Victoria's Department of Sustainability and the Environment last year in a move that has outraged animal activists and simply makes no bloody sense to me as a carer.  

“The idea that all other avenues were exhausted is simply lazy policy, and very short sighted indeed” says Mark Aldridge   

A recent news article showed authorities also gave the nod for more than 32,000 kangaroos and wallabies to be killed and permits to kill up to 300 parrots were issued, believe it or not “to protect golf courses”   

“I do not know anyone who uses a permit to scare away kangaroos, only to kill them, and you are supposed to try other methods first.” So where is the compassion or indeed the will to do the right thing? . 

Australian fur seals, Eastern rosellas, wedge tailed eagles, rainbow lorikeets and sulphur-crested cockatoos are all on the hit list it appears.  

“Killing over 100 Brushtail possums in the Geelong Botanic Gardens, seems far from an educated move, as they are territorial and rarely overpopulate”, says Mark, while Avalon Airport was allowed to kill 10 magpies, 20 galahs, 40 ravens and two Cape Barren geese that were supposedly interfering with aircraft.   

The fact that my wife and I are carers of native wild life, my experience leads me to believe there is no justification for such moves, and this expose begs the question “How many similar permits are being issued in other states around Australia?”   

I will seek to find out the exact numbers in every state so questions regarding the issue of such permits can be debated.   

The figures from Victoria alone are staggering, considering many of the Kill permits are issued to supposedly protected species.   

swamp wallabieThe recent hit list for endangered species in Victoria alone includes:                                            

Swamp Wallaby                             

No. TO BE KILLED: 2239

Rainbow Lorikeet

No. TO BE KILLED: 910 




No. TO BE KILLED: 538 

Black Swan


Common Wombat

No. TO BE KILLED: 1612   

So may good people put time and money into the rescue of injured and abused wildlife, yet the government hiding behind the “Department of Sustainability and the Environment” hand out permits to kill, it is past time compassionate alternatives were flavor of the day, or is moving on an animal their idea of a waste of money?
Full details are not out in the open, that being the case, the true figures should be the first thing we as Australians should demand and I for one will be.  

Mark Aldridge Community advocate

Owner of Willow Wood Sanctuary
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