MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"


It all starts with politics, every Australian to one degree or another believes our politicians do not listen, and that is the easiest question to answer. 

Politicians do not need to listen, because they know only too well that our ability to hold them to account has diminished to the stage our franchise to vote has very little power. 

You must attend to vote means they need not inspire you to, having to preference all the candidates even those you oppose takes away your freedom of choice and the counting of votes prefers the 2 party system, not the most supported candidate. 

Add to this the Media's preference for the 2 party system and the leaders it chooses, electoral law written by those with the most to gain from structural biases and the huge spin machine employed by both Labor and Liberal, and casting an informed vote is out the window.  

Forcing uninformed voters to have a preference for people they do not know, with in a system that empowers candidates who represent the system that elected them, not the people, is a massive failure. 

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“For every year this situation remains, the problem grows, bringing with it, increased attacks on our rights by those we supposedly elect to protect them”. 

Dodgy practices have now also become a part of our democratic system, simply because we are no longer heard nor feared. Political parties dressing up as others, dodgy how to vote information, the interception of postal applications, missing ballot papers in the tens of thousands, massive electoral roll discrepancies, the list is long and arduous.   

When and if the question is raised “Who runs the political parties?” we are immediately in even more trouble, when we consider to become pre-selected by a political party, you must pledge allegiance to it, rather than to the people. 

From here there is no need to list all the issues that are important to the people of Australia simply because we have been disenfranchised, if we can’t use our vote to install accountability and fear in the political arena, parliament rises above the people where it does not belong. 

“Parliament MUST serve the people, it is not there to dictate, it is there to protect the people’s best interests, not the best interests of those who run and fund political parties.” 

Here in lays the problem for Australia, when democracy which is the corner stone of society fails, so does society. The only ones who can change the system are those that control it, so best that be the people, not those with the most to gain from the destruction of liberty.

“When the law says “A General election cannot be invalidated regardless of the conduct” democracy no longer serves”

Mark Aldridge Independent candidate, Wakefield candidate, 2013 federal election candidate, Independent
 Mark Aldridge “Independent candidate”

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