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Australia is for sale, but to whom and for how much?   

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A more pertinent question may be how much has been sold, but not even the government or the opposition have any idea as to the answer to such an important question, yet they represent our nation on our behalf, or do they? 

So if we dare ask the most pertinent question, how much of Australia has been sold? The frightening answer is not only that nobody knows, but more so, why do they not care? 

The government admit there will be no answer to this question until 2017, and even then it will be provided by census, not lands title, so even then we will not know the truth, but more so we will endure more government spin that all will be fine. 

The laws to protect our food bowl and its prime holdings simply do not exist, and both Labor and Liberal back foreign investment, so right now while bus loads of Chinese search South Australia to buy up our best land holdings and water entitlements, we the people will continue to be kept in the Dark. 

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"Do any think that foreign investors are interested in our nations future or even its heritage?"

Over recent years, more so in recent months, I have been investigation foreign buy up of our land and resources, and the truth goes beyond frightening.

Foreign interests own more than 60% of our sugar milling, near 50% of meat, and 60% of our dairy, but these staggering facts do not include the buying of the farms, water entitlements and the land itself, these figures only relate to Australian Industries. 

ABARES reports state the horrifying truth; “There is no systematic source of data on foreign ownership of agribusiness companies” and having just returned from our Riverland district, it has become apparent just to ensure no one notices, multi title properties and being sold individually to ensure their sales receive no scrutiny in any event.

The largest producers in our state are now being brought up, yet are not listed as being for sale, so not only is there no scrutiny, Australian people do not even have the opportunity to place a bid, These facts prove by the time the government decide it worthy to investigate, our fine nation could have changed hands, without a single shot being fired. 

The Foreign Investment Review board (FIRB) even lists help desks in foreign companies, and while travelling overseas on business, I have experienced that it is usual to see media advertising “Come buy Australia”, yet we as Australians cannot go to any of these countries and invest in property that they call “National interests”, so why in the hell are we letting them buy our strategic infrastructure?

Anything under $244 million dollars as a purchase price under FIRB policy does not attract even a watchful eye, yet just to be sure, foreign interests are breaking up multi title land holdings to cover up the full inpact. Some of FIRB’s thresholds are as high as 1062 million, yet the will of the people would easily be “$1 as a threshold”, what sovereign nation or its people would allow the sale of their very own country’s national interests and long term food security, not a true representative of the people of in fact their nations best interests. 

The indexed monetary thresholds for 2012 are $244 million and $1062 million. The developed non-residential commercial real estate (not heritage listed) is also now indexed and for 2012 is $53 million. For current monetary thresholds see monetary thresholds.” (Quote from previous article by Mark Aldridge) 

Dont just worry as concerned citizens as to how much has already been sold, but worry most about which land has been sold, because foreign governments are not here to move in, they want our prime land only, that land that also carries with its purchase our precious water, make no mistake “They want our best land, our water, our food and our fisheries” says Mark 

I have written about this issue in the past, organised protests, online petitions, and nothing has changed, every moment of every day, more of our vital assets are being sold.  

The workers on these farms personal accounts offer a terrifying insight, beyond the loss of their job security, seems those travelling our country buying up our best land, brag they have trillions to spend, and have no interest in short term profits, for them it is about their respective nation’s food security.

"Land sales in the NT account for a figure now exceeding 30% of foriegn Land ownership, but exactly how much of the NT land is productive? "

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While studying ABS figures, we are confronted with grazing and grain farming lumped into one figure, yet the value of Grain farming land is of higher value than that of grazing, so transparency simply is not on the agenda. 

“When we study beyond farms, water and vital infrastructure to the residential issue, In December 2008, the Australian Federal Government announced policy and administrative changes to screening arrangements for foreign investors in Australian real estate, meaning it has been easier for overseas purchasers to buy even residential property here since 2009”.  

So what do we do, if we vote Labor, the sale continues, if we vote liberal, their latest report on foreign investment from a couple of months ago, also supports foreign investment, the electoral act, written by these morons, ensures we have to preference them, and their 2 party counting of the votes, means one of them will again be elected, so until we stand united against the sale of our country, using people power in numbers, and I mean at least one in 20, over 1 million people protesting, the sale will continue and our forefathers will continue turning in their graves. 

Start writing letters to your supposed representatives, and keep the pressure on, but truth is we have to do much more than that, and we have to do it yesterday, so if the opportunity arises, stand this space 

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