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Some Helpful information in the pursuit of a fair go on our roads, and the opportunity for some accountability   10/10

The latest government hand in our wallet ot purse, is the overboard deliberate revenue raising disguised as road safety, trumped up fines and defects, and dodgy and unreliable detection devises, with even our right to the presumption of innocence, ignored by those we employ to protect out rights and liberties.   

The road traffic act, says a defect notice is to be issued to a vehicle if it gives rise to a safety risk, so defects for a worn spare tyre, or dirty or non standard air-cleaners, is just a money grab, considering since the Rann government made a minor defect an huge on the spot fine, all of a sudden there are hundreds of police blockading the less fortunate areas doing vehicle inspections.  

Road Traffic Act says (5) If, on examination of a vehicle, a police officer or an authorized officer is of the opinion that the vehicle has deficiencies and reasonably believes that further use of the vehicle on roads would give rise to a safety risk, the police officer or authorized officer may issue a written notice (a defect notice) in relation to the vehicle.   The word MAY, is meant to allow a warning for the blinker globe that has just broken, not cost the unknowing hundreds of dollars.   

 The Road traffic Act, makes it clear, if you were not aware of a breach, it is in fact a defence  the law allows you access to your accuser, if not the camera, at least the information on it, but this is all denied, yet who knows there rights anyway?   

If the police fine you, impound your vehicle, give you a dodgy defect notice, and you can prove they were in the wrong, guess what, you still pay. 

Latest legislation assumes SAPOL can confiscate your vehicle, dodgy legislation to say the very least, they may be able to impound your vehicle or clamp your vehicle under certain circumstances, but the constitution does not allow the forfeiture of a persons personal property, something I am sure will one day be argued in the high court, and trust me, it will fail, so stand up and demand your rights and your personal property.   

 Take measures to deny the government your money and your rights
  • Ask why you have been pulled over, ask for a warning, and deny everything
  • Purchase a cheap video and voice recording devise, and record any interactions in case you need to prove the truth.
  • Seek the rules, and ensure the Police adhere to them, and hold them to account
  • Write away demanding a review on every on the spot or speed related fine
  • Check your cars road-worthiness more often, and drive under the posted limit through known speed camera locations.
  • Let drivers know the revenue raisers are out and about, with a high bean lift, rather slow a speeding driver should be the aim of road safety, not let them continue on for financial benefit of the government.
  • Always ask for an officers name, details and official numbers, and take their photo, they take ours.
  • If you are certain you were not in the wrong, contest it in court, they do not have the resources to take us all on, and in the most will do a deal.
  • Write your registration expiry date on a card and stick it to the inside of the front window, the latest attack on common sense is the removal of registration labels, if you get caught driving un registered and insured, you are in for big problems, all part of the Rann grand plan, and again with seemingly no defence.
  • Copy and share this note and the tips below and stand united for honest road safety initiatives.

Motorcycles; the easiest trumped up defect is that for noise, so here are the rules, demand they comply or take their number and make them work for it. The NTC (National Transport Commission) have guidelines for the issues of NSENTP i.e. National Stationary Exhaust Noise Testing Procedures, as follows.  

 The police must have two devises with them to carry out a noise test, a calibrated testing devise, a digital Tacho devise and a calibrator, none of these, wave good bye,   

  1. Each testing devise is to be calibrated immediately before and after each series of tests
  2. Engine Rev’s are to be measured by existing or external Tacho at all tests
  3. All open air tests (side of the road) all localized noise to be 10db below the noise level being testes, (no trucks and loud traffic passing)
  4. No one or any solid object with in 3 meters of the test.
  5. No other people besides the tester and the rider to be with in 3 meters (don’t let the police group around the testing area)
  6. The devise must be mounted on a tripod 200mm above ground level, 500mm from the pipes and at a 45-degree angle from the pipes opening.
  7. Harley Davidson’s should be tested at exactly 2500 revs, for others it is usually 3000 revs, my road star has a factory limiter of 4200 so the test should be carried out at 2100. No rev tester no bloody test, and I am sure your Tacho doesn’t
  8. To issue a defect, the tester must not only comply with this regime, but 3 tests in a row must be carried out, each with in 1db of each other, or sorry folks no defect.
Cars and trucks
  1. Check your tyres on the inside front and the tread on the spare
  2. You can be fined for an unsecured load, this includes a hand bag on the front seat, so put it on the floor.
  3. The water squirters for the windscreen having no water can cost hundreds, as will any minor defect or un-noticed maintenance.
  4. Check there is no wear to seat belts, and issue of this nature will attract a huge on the spot fine, and a long wait for a booking to their inspection station, and the huge costs they will also charge you.
  5. The police have no right to enter your property, so make sure of that fact.

South Australians should be rewarded for attracting less fines, not by the installation of more cameras, higher fines and dirty practices, so beware the more we deny them our money, the more laws they will make or enforce to claw back their budgeted income.   

The sad part of all this, is the fact new laws become affective before you are even aware, in fact the $520 fine for anything other than the latest number plate designs, can be used on thousands of cars if they need the money, but you will only know this if you read hansard or the government gazette, do you?   

Stand united and make them work for your money, and defiantly stand up for your rights, and unfortunately keep an eye constantly on the Speedo, rather than safely on the road ahead.   

 Mark Aldridge  Independent and member of the Alliance Australia “in the pursuit of unity”

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