MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"
Independent demands an overhaul of the South Australian road traffic laws. 

 The road traffic Act, Service SA and SAPOL should hang their heads in shame, says Mark Aldridge Independent Candidate for Ramsay.   

 Imagine you buy a new car, the first question is “Does it have registration” a quick call yet long wait to service SA, or the new I Phone app, will answer the question, but what if you drive away, and the registration is then cancelled, or you are wrongly advised in the first place?  

 Fines as high as $5000 apply for driving either uninsured or unregistered, and if the label (which is no longer supplied) expires you can be hit with both offences, and under the Act, there is no defense to the charges, and appalling situation in any respect, says Mark   

 As of June this year, South Australian police now have number plate recognition devises fitted to their vehicles, ironic that at the same time the state government legislate to do away with registration labels, opening the door for the innocent to be entrapped by the simplest of minor mistakes.   

 The issue of driving unregistered or uninsured in times of an accident, indeed could have very extreme circumstances, in the event of serious injury or death, and from the reports I am receiving the door is open to such horrors.  

 Registration labels were a service, from the aptly named “Services SA” to ensure people knew their vehicle is indeed registered, they were not there to aid SAPOL, and the over all costs of the label were built into the cost of registration. So what happened to this service?   

From my point of view the ideal of saving a few cents a label, is nothing but spin, and the whole ideal reeks of revenue raising, with out the foresight of the many other issues that would rise as a result of this short sighted legislation says Mark, the government MUST admit the mistake and immediately return to the commonsense of the issue of labels.  

 When we study the many issues relating to the way road users are treated, in the most it is all about revenue, not about a fair go for the people or any accountability relating to enforcement issues, says Mark!   

 SAPOL’s performance going by the many complaints I receive is less than satisfactory, and more about what they are forced to do by dodgy legislation rather than every officer making unethical decisions, a situation that undermines the publics confidence in our police services across the board.   

 The public now endure dodgy fines and defects, less than satisfactory service from Services SA, inept road traffic laws and legislation and the simply unacceptable inequality of laws across Australian boarders, making a mockery of any ideals of a fair go for all Australian road users, which has to stop Mark said,   

 Give us back our registration labels, stop issuing dodgy defects and accept some accountability if you are wrong SAPOL, a vehicle that is legal in one state should be acceptable in every state, a dodgy fine for a hand bag on the front seat, is simply ludicrous, inaccurate speed and red light cameras are raping the wallet of many innocent motorists and genuine road safety is NOT about revenue full stop.   

 The system is broken, the list of faults endless, and the legislation out dated and biased by the self interest of the shiny dollar, it is past time the government remembered they are employed by us to protect our best interests, not attack the whole ideal of a fair go.   

 Mark M Aldridge Independent for Ramsay 08 82847482 / 0403379500   

 A full list of consumer complaints is attached, and proof of every statement is available upon request. list below is in brief


Issues in brief regarding traffic laws and registration issues   

 Motor Registration   

 Service SA punching in wrong numbers when a new car is first registered, causing distress for vehicle owners and the complete re-registration process, with even near new cars requiring inspections due to reg branch mistakes, rather than an easy over ride.  

 The Trade/dealers are having major issues, as are those with delegate approval from transport SA, with regular mistakes being worn by the innocent public.   

 Traffic fines are sometimes sent to a wrong address, being prosecuted with out the people knowledge, then, they are having their licenses revoked and registrations cancelled.   

 The sale of a vehicle is advised to motor reg, but fines created by the new owner still are sent out to the previous owner, even after a stat deck is produced to overcome one fine, subsequent fines continue to go to the old owner, in some cases for many years.  

 Interstate transport departments do not in some cases accept info out of SA, IE’ people selling cars that end up interstate with new owners are receiving fines, and having major issues having them sent to the new owner, seems they ask the old owner to nominate the driver with proof?   

 Registration Labels  

 Many reported cases of people being fined near $400 for missing out on re-reg by a couple of days, with the majority wanting labels to return.   

 Travel interstate causes issues with laws that contradict SA, in relation to fitment of labels.   Many innocent people being pulled up by SAPOL being told they are not registered, when in fact they are.   

 After sold vehicles are and continue to be able to have their registration cancelled, with out the protection of labels to support their legal position.   

 The Trade/dealers are having major issues, as are those with delegate approval from transport SA, with registration being cancelled after purchase seemingly with out accountability, the words to those who suffer as a result “Buyer beware”.   

 The Law allows no defense to not knowing, and the Iphone apps and SAPOL’s computer system conflict, so it is near impossible to know if a vehicle is registered.   

 Recently I brought several vehicles, checked they were registered, on sold a few, only to find their registration had been cancelled weeks after they had been sold, in the past registration labels had to be handed in to cancel registration, this safety issue is now over looked.    


 Minor defects that do not offend the road traffic act are common place, with many credible and proven cases of defects being issued that were never warranted, costing the innocent time and money   

 Defects in the country, are demanding all defect removals be done from regency park in the city.   

 SAPOL regularly issue defects that are not warranted in the first place, also impounding vehicles with out due cause, said vehicles are hard to get back, and prior to being able to pick them up, one must sign a waiver indemnifying SAPOL and the government, prior to even seeing the vehicle, and accept any associated damage while in SAPOLs care.   

  New Legislation being enforced before the public is even aware of the issue, like number plate law changes, making any plates over 12 years old illegal ($520 fine)   

 Interstate vehicle imports  

 Standard, imported and custom vehicles registered in other states, not able to be registered in SA with out extensive costs to those transferring from interstate, with a limited choice of engineers (always the same engineers)  

 Even in the case of unique vehicles adorning Australian compliance plates, engineering is demanded in SA costing many thousands of dollars.   

 PS; Auction houses are selling to the public with out adherence to the rules and regulations usually associated with vehicle dealing?   

 Imagine building a hotrod with the costs of full engineering in say NSW, spending years getting it on the road, then moving to SA only to find you are up for several thousands of dollars in new engineering, and the many modifications required to comply here.   

 Speed and red light detection 

 Issues with accuracy, with extensive quantities of never before offending drivers, on their 2 or third in the last few months.   

During a recent case it was found that several speed and red-light cameras did not meet the SA government legislative requirements for operational use. (my case)   

 Some fines are again sent to the wrong address, and being prosecuted, in fact some times SAPOL say the fine will be dropped, or will only attract low points and fines, then people find out after paying the advise was wrong, and are then unable to dispute the offence.   


 Fines for an unsecured load, being a handbag on the vacant passenger seat, an empty spray can in the back of a ute?   

 Fines for having a detailed engine bay, or chrome accessories under the bonnet (not illegal)   Defects for a slightly worn spare tyre, requiring a full Regency park inspection.  

 Height of a vehicle because SAPOL think it is a different model, passing Regency park, with out modification   

 Noise on Harleys is a major issue, with SAPOL not adhering to the legislative requirements to issue said fine/defect.  I many cases the bike does not exceed the legislative limits…outcome 4 weeks to book in for inspection and a few hundred in costs.   

 Defects presented to SAPOL and removed, in some cases SAPOL forget to remove them from the computer system, again resulting in issue for the innocent.   

 In every case when a defect is issued with out due care or even good reason, it is still the victim who wears the cost and inconvenience, it is past time SAPOL accepted some responsibility.    

 Mark M Aldridge Independent for Ramsay   

 I have personal experience with most if not all of these situations, so have proof and paper work if required.
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