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See the bottom of this page for a link to a PDF Petition....print of......get signatures and post back to P O Box 1073 Virginia by 28th of March 2012, on line petition link is on the Home page, it is past time SA residents had a win for common sense.


Registration labels were not only a reminder regarding the expiry of our vehicles registration, but also security that our vehicles were indeed registered, if a person wanted to cancel a vehicles registration, it required the return of the Label, but not any-more.

Registration can now be cancelled on line, even after the sale of a vehicle, so it is not only a necessity to check your vehicle is registered today, but indeed every day.

Since the South Australian state government took the pathetic move of saving a few cents on the issue of registration labels, thousands of innocent motorists have been hit with massive fines, and those of us in the trade are getting hit even harder in the hip pocket. 

 The only answer the dealers of SA have left available to ensure their staff and customers cars are indeed registered, is to simply cancel the registration of every vehicle, and purchase more trade plates, and register sold vehicles on the day of sale. 

The cost to the industry is huge, as only a small percentage of the cost of registration is returned, and the cost to the public of new registration every time, an imposition they could do without.

Reports of renewals not arriving in the post, has been huge with innocent people all over the state being pulled over for driving unregistered and uninsured, with fines in the vicinity of $600, and no defence, even if another cancelled their registration without their knowledge. 

The current expiation fee for driving an unregistered vehicle is $315 and $582 for driving an uninsured vehicle. The maximum penalty for driving an unregistered vehicle on a road is $2,500 regardless of who owns the vehicle.

This disastrous move by the state government to save a few cents per registration label now means every South Australia must now check their vehicle is registered every time they get in their vehicle, even their work place supplied vehicles.

It is time we the people demanded the return of registration labels, and in a timely manner, the costs of this disaster are being felt by many, if the Labor party are so desperate for a few cents, just bloody add on a $1 to our registration, and safe us all the pain and suffering of another legislative bungle by the experts in the game. 

Have you checked your registration today? All police in Australia are able to access information about South Australian vehicle registrations on the go, and fine you on the spot.  

Mark Aldridge Community Advocate 08 82847482/0403379500

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