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A huge question worth asking, "Tax for on-line sales & information sharing with foreign governments" 

MARK ALDRIDGE Community and Animal welfare Advocate, Independent Candidate for the seat of Makin, Experienced local campaigner for the community of the North, Founder of FARM DIRECT Community Markets to retain access to fresh affordable local produce, create jobs and support the local and Australian farming community. No understanding any time sign Mark Aldridge, Independent candidate for Wakefield, civil and human rights campaigner, learn, how to vote, about democracy, electoral reforms, where to vote, about the 2013 federal election, truths not found in the media, Agenda 21, federal politics, about mark Aldridge, why to vote Independent, Why Labor and Liberal will take us down the same path, where to vote in SA, all about Australian politics, how to support local farmers, improving food security, exposing dodgy elections, supporting small businesses, United nations, agenda 21, free trade, foriegn aid, where is the money, putting your money in the right pockets, Farm Direct markets, Australian farmers support, direct markets, Farmers and producers markets, fluoride, honesty in media, Voting Independent, Mark Aldridge, voting for mark Aldridge, Independent mark Aldridge, mark Aldridge politician, politics and Mark Aldridge, learn how to vote, empowering the people of Australia, voting in Wakefield, voting Independent, Nick Xenophon, Independents in Australia, Aldridge Independent, Where the farmers and growers vote, empowering Australians rights and LibertiesIs the federal government intent on knowing our every financial detail?

In early 2011 when QLD was hit by floods, I was compelled to help out, a friend offered up his trucking services if I could help, but that is irrelevant to this investigation, how the QLD floods started to expose the government’s situation is interesting indeed. My wife and I own a native wildlife sanctuary, and we used our PayPal details to accept donations, well in the hope of receiving donations, any way this is where the story starts, while raising money for the Flood victims, we decided to use our PayPal account, and raised just over $1000 using this method, I had used the account for a few years for minor online purchases without concern. 

When I tried to with draw the donations, is when this story started, the account was frozen, and due to the nature of the issue, I was very concerned about access to the money, seems all of a sudden I needed to provide extra information to gain access to my money, PayPal had my bank accounts x2, my address and all my details, but now they wanted a copy of my driver’s licence and a copy of my passport?

I would have told them to get stuffed immediately, but the money was not mine, so I reluctantly photographed my licence and passport and send them my details, and was able to access the donated money, well $1000 of it, any further access was then denied, as they wanted more, this is where it gets interesting, the photo of my passport, did not allow clear access to all the special numbers on it, and they also needed my “Political Status”? 

This of course was a step too far for me, so I phoned Ebay in Australia direct and left a complaint, and was then contacted my their management, they explained the issue was brought about by the Australian federal government, and if I did not reply I would lose the money and my account would remain frozen, so told them where they could stick the money, as you all know I would. 

So what next, I wrote a few articles on the issue but to be honest no one seemed to care about what had happened, and I had to head to QLD, as the promise of a truck was a let down, so the story faded, I continued to use Ebay avoiding the use of PayPal, not so easy but achievable, until April 2012, seems as of this week, to sell an item on Ebay, one must conduct their financial transaction through one of 3 options, PayPal, Paymate or be a registered business, all so the federal government can track sale details. 

Ebay had tried to force all members to use “PayPal” but the ACCC in Australia denied them this right, so they simply offer the required 3 options, you must be a licensed trader, or use Paypal or Paymate, all one in the same, so where are you ACCC? (Paymate's principal place of business in the USA is at 2105 Woodside Road, Woodside CA, yet is sold as an Australian version of Paypal)

I had already researched the Paypal issue and found it was a serious one, so I then tried to investigate Paymate (Flexi Online Pty Ltd ABN 42 154 594 199 AFSL 415833), well it seems they are a hard org to investigate, with no information about the company available on line, and the address appears to be the same as PayPal, either way, it appears these organisations are all about information and providing financial records and other information to government departments. 

Some short sighted people will say who cares at this point, but then looking further, it appears most online site’s are heading in the same direction, with Gumtree under the wing of the same organisations, upping the ante when it comes to access to information, Try searching who owns Gumtree and be ready to see federal files open that have shall we say, deleted online information? 

“In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at” is one of the many interesting Google result while seeking information Is this all about ground work to tax online sales, or peek into our hip pockets to see what more than can take out?

Canada opened the gate when their courts demanded internal revenue were allowed access to Ebays sellers and buyers information. Gumtree are now owned by get this Ebay, well one of its arms called Kijiji, the sale of Gumtree to Ebay details are not available even by company searches, it was all done in cash under the counter so to speak, so one organisation is buying up all major online sale sites, and the info they eventually demand to use these services goes further than those requested by Australian banks, in fact beyond any government departments here in Australia.  

These unknown corporations are all linked and now own on line advertising in every country around the globe, and reports of the issues I have endured are popping up in every country, so what is going on, and what is the big picture? Ebay, Gumtree, Kijiji,, Kwickr,  and many others, in every country, including Australia CanadaFranceItalyChinaIndiaTaiwanBelgiumSwitzerlandRussiaAustria, BritainIrelandPolandHong KongSouth AfricaAustralia and New Zealand  and Japan. Kijiji also controls selected cities in the United States, even Craigslists is now owned by Ebay?

Ebay also own PayPal and it would appear Paymate in Australia, depending on whether one searches the company or the share holders,  it appears in some countries, it is already compulsory to use Paypal like England and the US, and the same is earmarked for their Australian enterprises (Ebay Australia and Gumtree).

Under PayPal policy, they are able to hold, freeze accounts, deduct money and commissions from member’s credit cards or personal bank accounts and a variety of financial actions that do not meet with the safe guards expected under Australian law. (It is also interesting that Ebay, Gumtree and Paypal invoices do not include any payment of tax in Australia, Ebay Australia receipts do not include GST, nor do those of PayPal, which amounts to tax evasion, so is the deal government endorsed, avoid tax for the provision of personal information?) 

“So the day approaches where to advertise and sell on line, you will need to use one company, they will ensure you have to use one of their payment companies, not only is this double dipping when it comes to commissions paid out by users, it will entail providing every bit if info you have, Bank accounts, drivers license, passport full details, and even your political status, which will be shared with the Australian and US governments”.

(Paymate like PayPal requires your name, telephone number, valid and active email address, physical mailing address (and billing address if different), P.O Box is not acceptable, Social Security Number, Tax Id, EIN number as applicable, bank account, credit card details, sign a form to allow them to debit your accounts and any further details as may be required)   

You will pay to sell or buy, pay for the financial transaction, then pay tax on the sale, while governments will share in all the information about you, what you sell, buy or even browse, is this what we need or deserve?

With online sales overtaking local retail sales, can we afford a monopoly situation, let alone one that ensures others have access to all our personal details, should we pay tax on the sale of our used items, those which tax had already been paid, should Ebay and PayPal et all, pay tax on their profits and going even further, should these companies share our every detail, even with foreign governments?

Lots of questions, but very little answers, so maybe it is time we started demanding answers, until then do not give out information you would prefer is kept secret, sell your used items locally, and lets ensure we the people are including in the debate regarding the way forward on these important matters.    

Mark Aldridge Independent and Community advocate 08 82847482 / 0403379500

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