MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"
Labor attack motorcyclists hip pockets once again   

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The state Labor government are about to rip of 170,000 motorbike riders in South Australia, says Mark Aldridge Independent candidate and motorcycle enthusiast.   

A government-imposed safety levy that could almost double Motorcyclists annual licence fees, is highway robbery, we use less space, less fuel, we emit less pollution, yet we already pay premium registrations, now we are to be hit even harder, one has to question the motives of the government.

The move is nothing but a ploy to cut the number of riders on our roads, and I doubt any funding raised must be spent exclusively on motorcycle safety initiatives “Says Mark”. 

The Advertiser has reported the "River Murray" style annual levy would add $300 to a 10-year driver's licence fee of $370. A motorcycle safety levy was proposed in the South Australian Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 to fund road safety initiatives on "high-use motorcycle routes", but we all know it is the result of a desperate government trying to make up for their less than adequate financial prowess. 

Revenue raising has already seen a huge increase in road traffic fines, the loss of the protections registration labels offered, and a host of cost of living increases, surely this move makes no sense considering one would think the government should be promoting the use of motorcycles to lower traffic congestion and carbon emissions, if the Federal Labor party’s position is an honest one.

"There are over 160,000 motorcycle licences in SA and about 50,000 registrations so licences is a much bigger area, which means the government make more money, when the fact is motorcyclists are already paying more than their fare share on registration fees alone. 

"This move is nothing but blatant discrimination” Says Mark, it is past time the government stopped funding their own stuff ups by attacking we the peoples hip pockets, and looked into their own back yard for some money saving ideals, Labors added over 1000 spin doctors in recent years, now threes a great place to considering cutbacks.

For many South Australians motorcycling is their way of life, for others it is a hobby or past time, either way, there are a lot of businesses who survive on their continued licensing, a loss of licensed riders will have a flow on effect to many other sections of the industry.

I sincerely hope those independent thinkers in the legislative council deny Labor this nasty piece of discriminative legislation, it is past time Labor learned the meaning of the word accountability, and paid for their own stuff ups, rather than attacking innocent motorists.

Mark Aldridge  Independent

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