MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"
SOUTH AUSTRALIA'S NEW  I.C.A.C. “Independent Commission Against Corruption” 

Or should it read “I Can’t Accept Change” 

This opening statement, says it all; “Under Labor's proposal, the South Australian ICAC will be barred from holding public hearings”. 

Such secrecy is abhorrent and so draconian that any person who even reveals publicly that an inquiry following a complaint about alleged corruption is going on; they will be guilty of a criminal act. 

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“Any investigation carried out will be secret, a decision being demanded by the very same Labor government that promised to be open and transparent”. 

What do Labor have to hide, is a fair question to ask, to even become elected they lowered themselves to dress up as another political party to dupe voters, they registered Isobel Redman’s name as a “Replied paid address” to intercept electors mail. 

Dare we mention the many massive amounts of other issues with the election conduct; Labor argued was fair play, like tens of thousands of missing names and ballot papers, and the many breaches of the electoral Act itself. 

Then let’s look at many other issues South Australians might have liked to be investigated further, like the many child deaths if a suspicious nature exposed in the Mulligan enquiry, that were never investigated. 

In any event the whole bill is still being contested, because parliament wish to vet the person appointed to run the new ICAC, and Labor of course wish to make that decision also behind closed doors.

It may be worthy of all of us to remind Labor, that government serve the parliament and not the other way around, and parliament of course is to serve we the people, as I am unsure any within their party seem to remember this fact. 

In Australia we have open courts, open parliament, so we deserve open and transparent commissions and enquiries, any opposition to a fair process, reeks of self preservation. 

Labors past leader Mike Rann during his reign as premier, refused the idea of an ICAC, saying it was not needed, so if Labor is genuine in now pursuing a new commission on corruption, best they do it in an open and transparent manner. 

If the other states can do it all “Out in the open” then SA bloody well can as well 

The community deserves to be provided with a system that will encourage public confidence and trust, and I would think Labor could do with as much as they can find. 

I have screamed for an ICAC for so long my voice is horse, so now lets make sure we demand one that works for we the people, as it clearly must.

Mark M Aldridge Independent Candidate for Wakefield 08 82847482 / 0403379500

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