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Many countries have said no to fluoride, in many cases they stopped adding or removed it, they include Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland, Iceland and Italy.   

In the European Union, the last survey conducted showed a large majority opposed its addition to their water supplies.   

Several countries that started adding fluoride have now stopped and even go as far as removing it, including South Africa, China, India, Czech Republic and Germany.   

In a few countries like Israel, Netherlands, Iceland, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland removed fluoride as a result of high court decisions, several states and towns around the world have also opted out of fluoridation where the choice was the result of the people’s choice.   

Hong Kong and Singapore reduced their fluoride levels below .7 ppm, as a result of health problems, Australia still use levels well above world health organisation guide lines at over 1.5 ppm    

The United Kingdom fluoridates only 10%of the population’s water, Canada also recently lowered fluoride to less than .7 ppm, in the US where local communities took the issue to the courts, fluoride was removed, and studies from 1999 to 2004 found over 40% of children consuming local treated water had developed fluorosis.   

Levels below the new safe standard could effectively terminate municipal water fluoridation in many areas, as natural fluoride levels from mineral deposits and industrial pollution exceed the new recommendation.    

New Zealand finally took the issue to the people by referendum where the voters said a resounding NO, most areas of new Zealand have now stopped fluoridation, other countries have either removed fluoride or local communities refuse to drink the water.  The few remaining countries have been forced to lower their levels due to adverse health issue to .8 ppm of lower.   

Geelong in Victoria voted against fluoride, and as of this week other councils are now stopping the practice in QLD, referendums on a national or state level have been refused by both governments.    

Referendums in any country that has asked the question “Should we fluoridate”, have all resulted in a NO!   

The results are in, most countries have abandoned fluoridation due to democratic or health reasons, the few countries that have retained fluoride, have lowered limits to 7 ppm of lower, and in every case, many local towns and cities continue to opt out of the addition of medication/poison to their water supply.   

 (Note; only 1% of Australia’s municipal water is consumed, so the millions of dollars in fluoride chemicals mostly sourced from china as industry waste, go down the drain and out to sea.)   

So it is past time the Australian government asked we the people what we would prefer, what do you think, please read my detailed article “Fluoride the simple truth” and ensure your position is an educated one.   

Mark Aldridge,  Independent and civil rights advocate

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