MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"
Mark Aldridge’s “Buy Back Australia” Campaign

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Most Australians are sick to death of the selloff, of our assets, our land, our farms and our infrastructure, every Australian is suffering the consequences, with massive increases in the cost of living, and the highest taxes in the world.

For every asset sold, we must make up for the shortfall, for every farm sold, we lose the ability to feed ourselves, every primary producer who is brought out, the quality of our fresh food declines. 

Our supposed representatives in the most support those corporations who fund their respective parties, leaving “we the people” with little to no parliamentary representation, the same applies to our hard working farmers and producers.

It is time for we the people to unite and demand “Our Government” buy back the farm so to speak, buy back power generation and supply we the people at cost, buy back our water resources and all essential services to lower the cost of living for all Australians.

Our Farms and mines must be retained by Australian people, and those who benefit from their operation must pay their share of the tax burden, our homes and land must not be sold into foreign ownership, and it is we the people that can make this happen. 

I ask all my friends and supporters to help me research the way forward, lets study what has been sold, how much for, and the yearly losses we incur as a result of the sale, investigate mining and farms in foreign ownership and what tax they pay on their profits, so we can work together to come up with a detailed and educated way forward.

Please send me any of your research

 Mark Aldridge INDEPENDENT 

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