MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"
Australia’s debt now tops $200 billion the most massive debt in history, so it is time for the people to make their own history and kick out this inept government.


It is hard to believe Labor borrows over $100 million per day, should we all sent our congratulations to Wayne Swan on his double century.   

The Federal Labor parties as a result, have us massively in debt, and their new Carbon tax, will not result in dragging us out, but rather dragging us further under, maybe to far for us to survive.   

According to the Nationals our debt ceiling was $75 billion when Labor got into government.   

On 11 March 2009, Wayne Swan invoked "special circumstances" to increase it to a "temporary" level of $200 billion. In the last budget the government has increased it permanently to $250 billion.   

I hope every Australian is happy with their new insulation, well those not devastated by its installation, or the not so worthy School Halls debacle, as the amount Labor is borrowing amounts to over $11,000 per person in a very short period of time.   

If Labor keep borrowing money at this rate, we might find the interest alone, will put us in the perilous situation we see many EU nations, a very sad thought in deed.   

If you go to you will see that your nation's "Total Commonwealth Government Securities on Issue" as of today sits at $200.242 billion.   

The Labor party has increased our gross debt by $140 billion since they came to office in November 2007, and with their new green partners, backing their new Carbon tax, (the UN tell us we have to have) who is going to pay the billions about to head of shore to cover international abatement?   

Labor have been in government for just over 1360 days and have therefore borrowed well over $100 million per day, and guess who has to pay that back with the massive interest it will accumulate?   

The people did not vote for this total incompetence; they didn’t vote for another new massive tax, and in fact most did not want their vote to end up in Labors lap, with hundreds of thousands of votes missing, as many names missing of the electoral rolls and hundreds of thousands of votes not counted by way of formality.   

So most say NO to a new tax, and NO to our government, just like the miners did at the Eureka Stockade, so best we the people re-visit such a patriotic stand.   

Three twelve eleven, is to be such a day, the same day they tore down the Eureka flag, we the people must put it back up, and demand a new election, by way of genuine democratic reforms and free choice, on top of a demand to lower our debt ceiling levels, for our children’s sake.   

On the 3/12/11 head to your closest Parliament house at 12.00pm, with your supplies, and lets stand united until we have a result and our demands are met, a few days now, is better than a future of suffering.   

Mark Aldridge 
Independent Candidate and proud Alliance supporter

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