MARK ALDRIDGE - Lead Senate candidate for the "GREAT AUSTRALIAN PARTY"

Australia for many years was the envy of the world, our living standards were high, our social values and community safety standards were first class, water and fresh produce was in abundance, weekends were for the family, and our health care and services were in the top range of any nation’s on earth, so what has happened? 

Powerful people thought they knew better, I am not talking about local representatives, but those people who fund our political parties, those who seek control and power, and to do so, they need to control every nation’s political agenda, through what they call “World governance”. 

HL Mencken... "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule"

Our major political parties jumped into the sell feet first, simply because they couldn’t risk being divorced from the ideal of having a place with in this new “united world government”, without thought for the will of the Australian people, disregarding democracy in its true sense. 

Agenda 21 was the original sell, to take the world into the 21 century, Agenda 21 was not something we the people were meant to know about, so those of us that questioned its existence wore the label of conspiracy theorists, rather than those supporting this agenda allowing open and honest public debate, again in direct conflict with our democratic process. 

The words “Agenda 21” became tainted so the new sell had to be found “Sustainable development” taking its place in our nation’s political arena, but the agenda has never changed, it has been and was always designed to attempt to not only control the world as a whole from a non elected entity, but to level up the world in what could be described as a communist path to a new era of social engineering. 

The Ideal of sustainable development is a very acceptable concept, and something very few people would condone, so it is not the words themselves, but more so the underlying ideals behind Agenda 21 that deserve public scrutiny. 

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Looking at health care in Australia, start back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Australia led the way in services, our hospital system offered some of the best services in the world, with over 12 beds per thousand Australian people. Investment was on top of the agenda, waiting lists were non-existent  and services were offered free to any citizen. 

From the later 1990’s after the UN declarations came into play, investment in our health care declined, in favour of foreign aid to lift the standards in other countries, beds per thousand started to drop, in the late 1990’s to below 7 beds and falling, as population increased services continue to decrease with the election of the federal Labor party in the early 2000’s Australia immediately fell below 3.5 beds per 1000. 

Australia sits as of 2013 at under 60 on the list of nations, one of the worst performing in the world, and heading further down the scale on a yearly basis, so if you treasure our childrens future, this down ward spiral must stop.

Just this year, the federal Labor government has further reduced health funding by over 650 million, which has been ear marked for other developing countries by way of the government’s AusAid,  instead of using any funding cuts to reduce our nations massive debts. 

Private health rebates are now being targeted, which will push so many more middle income families onto the already struggling public system, so is the whole agenda about helping other nations increase their services or dragging Australia down to the levels of the third world countries we now divert funds to?

It could be said the whole idea is to meet in the middle, but some of the country's to whom we provide aid, are now rising above the level of health care we enjoy!

AusAids figures for 2010  include increased services for many foreign governments, Mongolia $13.5 million, China $29.3 million, Vietnam river project $9.4 million, Myanmar $48.8 million, Laos $49.8 million, Cambodia $94.8 million, East Timor $107.8 million, Philippines $129.4 million, Vietnam $140 million, Indonesia over $1 Billion, Indonesia schools $505 million, East Asia $1205 Million, Cook Islands $3.3 million, Tuvalu 11.7 million, Nauru 25 million, Kiribah $30 million, Tonga $34.9 million, Samoa $42 million, Fiji $45 million, Vanuatu $65 million, the Solomon Islands $252 million and the list goes on and on.  

The above figures only relate to Australia’s AusAid, with many more government departments making major contributions for a variety of reasons, including; new schools and staff, equality of woman, power generation, water desalination, food self sufficiency, policing elections, work health and safety, even 300 million for overseas awards. 

Australia’s Labor government are fast approaching their massive debt ceiling of over 250 billion, they have dipped in to our super savings, leaving an unfunded liability of some 130 billion, and departments debt going by the governments latest statistics exceeds 450 billion, so consider the fact that we have very little borrowing power left, so complying with our united nations obligations will mean further cuts to our dwindling services. 

What people forget is the money our nation is giving away, and the ideals of agenda 21, have had greater affects than our mainstream media will ever admit, but all of us can easily see. 

This week many might not have noticed education cuts of over 673 million, and I am sure the media made little mention of the 500 million that we sent to Indonesia to fund an upgrade in local Muslim schools, but the agenda includes the value adding of our greatest resources and also selling them to foreign nations. 

What I like to call “vital national interests” like farms, power generations, water, minerals, and most of our general infrastructure are also being sold under other UN treaty’s, namely free trade, which is all part of agenda 21, whoops sustainable development. 

The part of the agenda that allows the sale of our vital assets to nations who do not offer equitable trade agreements to Australian investors raises many concerns"

The facts and figures here are taken in most from our own governments financials, that are now supplied to the nations where Australia is incorporated, not that I even dare explain that statement. Dare we forget the figures quoted do not include the huge new “carbon tax” which is all about creating urgency that does not exist to continue down the current path.

It is highly unlikely this situation will have any clarity of open debate from with in the United Nations while they are in line for 10% of carbon tax haul from the western countries adopting carbon pricing, before the rest of the world’s richest corporations hold their hands out for their few billion. 

Land and water sales to foreign interests are now massive, and guess what, the government don’t even keep tabs, any sale under 244 million is not even looked at by ASIC, but some nations have a threshold of over 1 billion dollars, which means our strategic assets are no longer even worthy of our governments watchful eye. 

All because they need the foreign investment to pay for their obligations to the United Nations, did any of us vote for that? 

Prior to any adoption of United Nations declarations, Australia was already one of the leading nations in environmental protections and habitat restoration, and since the adoption of Agenda 21 and the Carbon pricing regime, we have continued to decline our hard thought protections.

Over 140,000 Australians are now listed as homeless; some states have now become net food importers, 2 corporations are allowed to control $8 of over $10 we spend on staples, using that power to further denigrate local primary production, and control and manipulation of our water resources ensures an easy reach into the hip pockets of every Australian. 

Farmers are now told how to farm by bureaucrats, the water that falls on our land is now owned by the government, who sell it back to us, without even a tear if it wipes out family farms and producers, resulting in our food bowl, being attacked by the very people who were voted in to protect our best interests. 

Foreign governments buy up our best resources to fuel and feed their nations future, while Australian representatives hold up the massive for sale sign, without any thought for what we are supposed to do when everything they can find to sell, is gone. 

The Australian people do not get to vote directly for those in the United Nations, who now appear to decide our nations destiny,  but one thing is for certain any person in Australia that votes for Labor, Liberal or the greens, is voting for more of the same. 

Any form of one world government will need to control more than money, food and all our resources, they will also need to control the people, in particular people like myself that will oppose any form of leader ship not freely chosen by the people.

For those who find themselves compelled to further investigate this issue, consider recent introduction of laws which seek to control the people, laws that take away the right to silence (NRM) laws that take away our right to defend our innocence (SOCCA) and other supposed conspiracy ideals like FEMA camps and the like. 

Our Land rights are all but gone, corporations can enter any privately owned land and take infrastructure anything that lays beneath, local councils/corporations now write laws we must abide by, our common law is now overridden by legislation, and our constitution ignored by those elected under it to protect it.

Our Universities teach the financial benefits of foreign investment, our children the ideal of sustainable development and the media in general sell government’s position as educated and stable, and all the money is on climate change and the urgent need to continue further down the path or relinquishing our rights and liberties.

We can all see the many cut backs in environmental protections, increases in mining, the loss of our ability to feed our nation and the many nasty side effects on our weekly budget, let alone the demise of our rights and liberties, yet most think ignorance will make it all go away, and it damn well will not. 

The federal governments own reports are clear that our countries obligations to the United nations are not negotiable, so dare we again believe any promise to cut back the carbon tax on offer from the opposition, if all we will get is a new label for more of the same. 

Until our leaders and representatives come out of the closet and explain why we are obliged to a foreign entity, what agenda 21 means to them, and indeed what they intend for our future in relation to our hard fought democratic process, we should trust none of them. 

If indeed the United Nation now controls our legislative direction, and Agenda 21 is our world’s saviour, why are the people we elect to represent us, keeping the information from we the people? 

In a democracy the people make the decisions, based on honest advice from our elected representatives, when this fails, so does our society. 

When I first wrote articles on this topic all those years ago, I was labelled a conspiracy theorist, when I questioned the science behind global warming I was a sceptic, when it stopped warming over 12 years ago and I question the new term climate change and the drivers behind it, I was a denier. 

When I exposed dodgy election conduct and legislation I was kept silent,  when I backed up our farmers and growers with farm Direct markets, I was anti competition,  when I speak on self sufficiency, I am anti fee trade and if I speak of being a proud Australian I am a racist, on top of many other media labels. 

I would simply like to see our nations sovereignty and democratic process maintained and upheld, for us as a nation to again lead, rather than follow, to help who we can only when we can afford to, to see defined and concrete rights and liberties and for we as a people to reward competence and honesty with our precious vote, and until I see at least a glimpse of this, I will continue to fight for our long term I am a patriot. 


Mark Aldridge Independent Candidate 

Facts and figures used are from researched articles on this site

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