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Many years since South Australia had its child abuse enquiry, headed by Ted Mulligan, aptly named the Mulligan Enquiry, where I personally met many victims that went before the enquiry, and the painful memories it brought back to them, we must question "was the outcome one we could be proud of"? 

What I remembered most was not the pain and suffering, the cover ups or the spin that has become a part of any recent political process, but more so the results, when the report exposed “Over one hundred child deaths of a suspicious nature” and nothing was done, no investigation and not one arrest. 

Scream as many did, nothing was done, while many victims are still facing lengthy court battles, those who lost their lives received nothing, and the government’s position prioritized more around restricting their accountability and any costs that may be incurred as a result, than exposing and dealing with the truth. 

Australia has had many similar enquiries, the Wood royal commission, the Ryan Commission, special enquiries, senate enquiries; just to name a few, yet while the truth gets a thorough beating, the many issues surrounding child abuse continues on its merry  way. 

Child abuse is not restricted to paedophilia, it encompasses a variety of issues that MUST be addressed in a timely and accountable manner, inept child protection laws, abhorrent state government legislation like the mental health act, underfunded education, our disaster of a family court system, child mutilation practices, mental abuse, bullying and even intolerable religious idealisms. 

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The state government’s inability to address the simplest issue of adequate disability funding sees huge waiting lists, described as critical waiting lists for disabled children, is an issue that paints a clear picture of their position in such matters, so dare any of us trust them to adequately address this very important issue? 

This new commission will be able to make findings, but as usual, will not have the power to lay charges.  I personally demand, every aspect of the findings of this and any future enquiries are handed over to our police services to be prosecuted, it is time for Australia to air its dirty laundry, and drag every abuser if need be, kicking and screaming, so as  to be held to account. 

Asking for forgiveness has for too long been considered acceptable practice in some sections of the Australian society, and covering up for a mate at the highest levels is simply unacceptable, if as a society and a nation, we can’t protect our little children, we have indeed lost our way. 

I have stood alongside many advocates, screamed at the top of my voice for accountability, attended and held many rallies on the issue, yet here we are again, so let’s make sure as a society this latest enquiry has the balls it deserves, write to your local member, demand they stand up for our children, follow through and lets ensure every single perpetrator is held to account. 

Until the 100 child deaths of a suspicious nature found in the Mulligan report are investigated, and the many other issues raised by this and any past enquiries are addressed,  and every filthy perpetrator is held to account, there will be no room for complacency at any level of our society.

littlegirl          "NOT ONE CHILD SHOULD LIVE IN FEAR"

Please friends do not forget federal Labor's promise to get to the bottom of this issue, remind them every month, we cannot afford as a society to let this become another false election promise or a “non core promise”, too many precious lives rely on our will being known. 

Silence, in action, turning a blind eye or claims of ignorance have and will never be Acceptable!

Mark Aldridge Independent for Wakefield

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